The Homeowner’s Guide to Roof Replacement

Instalación de Canalones Palencia


The device of a flat roof is laborious work that stretches for several days. Specialists will need even more if there is an urgent, current or major repair of the roof. Often, it takes a lot of time from the end of the installation of the truss system to the fixing of the last element. If the weather deteriorates sharply, it is necessary to curtail work or increase the level of safety of roofers.


Modernization, maintenance, or overhaul of an exploited flat roof is trusted by experienced craftsmen. It will be required in case of wear or damage to the old material. This is facilitated by snow, rain, wind, hail, ultraviolet, numerous debris that falls from trees. Gradually, it accumulates, begins to rot, which negatively affects the general condition of the material used. This can be avoided by carrying out periodic regular maintenance of the surface.

Roof repairs Plancia region orders only from experienced builders who fully comply with safety rules. In rainy weather, the installation of roofing felt or other materials are carried out in strict accordance with generally accepted safety rules:

Installation of Roofs in Palencia

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During a thunderstorm, they do not rise to the roof and do not carry out any actions;
Regardless of the slope angle on a wet roof, a specialist must have a safety belt;
For movement, special navigation bridges are used (for such a product, boards should reach 30 cm, they are fastened with planks to each other).
Heat-insulating and waterproofing layers are laid only after the installation of the roofing. This scheme is used for a cold, insulated roof.


Capital works may be required to restore the integrity of the pavement. Partial roof repair – elimination of leaks. They are able to cause great damage to an apartment, house, office, any other room. In this case, urgent work is carried out to repair the roof, but they are often performed in dry weather.

Ingress of water leads to negative consequences:

Visibility is significantly reduced. Even in the fog, mounting materials is not recommended.
The laid insulation partially, completely gets wet, therefore it does not provide the proper level of thermal insulation.

The moisture remaining in the thermal insulation provokes the growth of the fungus, contributes to the spread of rot on wooden structures. This will lead to the need for costly repairs.

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During rain, soft roof repairs cannot be carried out, since moisture will spoil all the materials used, impair visibility and increase the danger of such a process. If the water wets the crate or rafters, you will have to wait a certain time for the wood to dry. This also applies to superdiffusion membranes, which must be dried. If the precipitation was insignificant, everything can dry out already within 2-3 hours after they end. The only exceptions will be hydro-vapor barrier films, which craftsmen often use to protect the surface from water. If they were laid in advance, work can be carried out during rain. At this time, the open area will be protected by an awning.


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