The Housing Market in Venice FL

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So, you want to buy a home in Venice FL. We don’t blame you! This town truly has it all, from beautiful beaches to delicious restaurants and everything in between. It’s a dreamy little place to put down roots, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you choose to do so. What’s that? You’ve never heard of this charming little place? Allow us to tell you about it!

Nestled on a quiet stretch of beach in southwestern Florida, Venice FL is, at a glance, one of the most idyllic places in the state. Just take a walk down one of the many delightful downtown streets that criss-cross this beautiful area and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. In all respects, this little city is simply sublime!

A well made first impression, however, is not quite enough to go off of when moving to a new city. If you’re going to make this place your home, you’ll need the gritty details and the technical lowdown on what makes this place tick. There are a lot of things you’ll need to research, but first and foremost you’ll need a place to stay. So let’s talk about the housing market!

What are houses like in Venice Florida?

As is the case with many towns in southern Florida, the prevailing architectural style is defined by a mix of Mediterranean and contemporary design queues. Homes here are generally a bit understated, with many unique touches that allow the individuality of each house to shine through and create a one-of-a-kind feeling in each and every one.

Although there are a few well established architectural styles in Venice FL, this doesn’t mean that all houses here are the same; far from it, in fact! With many homes that diverge from the style of architecture that’s most common here, those who prefer a more contemporary or traditional American style of home will find plenty of listings to their liking.

Homes here also vary widely in configuration, unlike many similarly sized towns in other geographic locations in the US. On a single street in Venice FL, you’re likely to find condominiums, apartments and traditional homes all within minutes of each other. As you can imagine, this makes it easy to find a home regardless of your space or budget requirements!

What can you expect to pay for a home in Venice Florida?

For those planning a move to this city, it’s only logical that you’d want to know what housing prices are like in the area. For many home buyers, property values are what determine where and when they move, so it’s no surprise that the same factor comes into play here. If you’re wondering about property values in Venice FL, then wonder no longer!

The median price of a home in Venice FL is a cool $378,000. While this is somewhat higher than the national and state averages, it’s still a lot lower than the median home price you’ll find in other cities with a beachfront location. With the right mortgage, most people can afford a home here without too much difficulty!

For those who simply cannot afford this median price, don’t worry; there are plenty of homes that sell for less! With dozens of listings that come in under the median list price, those willing to settle for a smaller or less central home will have no trouble finding a home to suit their needs. With the help of one of the excellent real estate agents in Venice FL, anything is possible!

Property appreciation rates in Venice Florida

Now, property values are one thing, but they aren’t the only factor that comes into play when choosing a home. If you’re going to be purchasing a home in a new city, you need to know that the value of the home you buy will remain stable or even increase over time, providing you with a valuable investment. So how do property appreciation rates in Venice FL fare?

The answer to this question is “great!” With a median increase in property values that exceeds thirty percent over the last fiscal year, any property you purchase in this city is predicted to increase exponentially in value. If you had any doubts about the viability of a home purchase in Venice FL, we hope that this fact lays them to rest!

In the long term, this property appreciation rate is set to plateau somewhat, so now is the optimal time to take advantage of it. Parents who choose to buy property in this city will be able to one day pass this property down to their children, equipping them with a valuable appreciating asset that can help them along in their pursuit of success and wealth.

Renting in the city of Venice Florida

If you’re not in the market to buy a home, that’s ok. Buying a home is a big commitment, and not everyone is ready for that. That’s ok! The city of Venice FL also has plenty of excellent rentals available, which will provide you with a place to live while still maintaining your freedom and mobility. “But what are the prices like?” you ask. Let’s find out!

At a somewhat steep rate of $1,400 a month on average, rentals in Venice FL are more expensive than your average rental. Although this is higher than average, it’s nowhere near the exorbitant rates charged for rentals in nearby cities such as Sarasota or Naples. Considering the fact that both of these cities are within reasonable commuting distance and have a higher median wage than this city, these rent prices are a bit more palatable.

For those who are entirely unable to afford rent here, there are still a number of viable options. Florida has a number of housing assistance programs that are designed to help families find affordable and adequate housing without placing themselves in needless financial hardship.


If you were thinking of moving to the city of Venice FL, we hope we’ve given you the information that will make your move go smoothly and easily. This is, by all accounts, a great place to live. We think that if you choose to make it your home you’ll be more than happy with your choice! There’s virtually nothing we can think to say to its detriment!

Once you settle down here in Venice FL, you’ll quickly learn how many things there are to see and do, as well as how warm and welcoming the residents and community of this city really are. There’s so much to love, but we think that we’re better off leaving it up to you to discover it all. We wish you the best of luck with your move!


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