The Most Chosen Laminate Designs In 2022 To Spice Up Your Ambiance


Laminates are made by combining thin layers of flat paper by pressing it with plastic resins to hold them together. Decorative colors or patterns are printed on the top layer of the laminates.

There are mainly 6 types of laminates:

  • Compact
  • Decorative
  • High-pressure
  • Low-pressure
  • Industrial
  • And Post formed

Among the types mentioned above, decorative laminates have great finishes which might be suitable for customers looking for an aesthetic look.

All about laminates:

Laminates come in different colors and patterns. It depends on the customer and their likes and dislikes. For customers looking to replicate that wood flooring on laminates, that, too, is available.

When it comes to the finishes of these laminates, there are various finishes available for the customers to choose from. Customers looking for laminates to be used for furniture and wall finishes might like textured laminates. Some of the commonly seen finishes are; Rustic wood, metallic, and leather finishes.

Laminates come in various sizes. Customers can have custom laminates made for them in terms of design, but the most common size often used is 8ft x 4ft.

Laminate sheets can easily be installed, and commonly they are used as flooring. Laminate flooring is commonly seen in a lot of houses because of its wood-like appearance. Unlike wood, this material does not absorb a lot of moisture and is also environmentally-friendly.

Installing laminates is an easy task as they can be installed on top of the existing floor. The only condition for the smooth installation of laminates is that the floor on top of the laminates being put needs to be smooth. Usually, subfloors are typically marble or vitrified tiles.

There are various benefits of using laminate designs:

  • Durability:

These materials last for a very long time with regular maintenance. This is why houses in areas with high humidity also make use of these laminates.

  • Prefinished:

Unlike tiles that need to be smoothed out in some cases, laminates come with a standard of just installation without the need for spending any extra expenditure on smoothening the material.

  • Maintenance:

Laminates have an appeal for most households because of their low maintenance requirements. All one needs to do is wipe the laminate every other day to get rid of the dust and anything else on its surface. People can also make use of a wet cloth and gently wipe the laminates’ surface.

  • Natural Appeal:

Customers are given the option to customize their laminates as per their liking. These laminates can replicate how natural tiles or designs look.

For customers who are looking for an alternative to wood flooring, laminates are a great option in terms of how natural it looks and because of their cost-effective nature. Laminates are also considered to be a lot cheaper than veneers.

Installation of these laminates is an easy process. Customers can install laminate flooring by themselves as long as they are aware of the basic process works. There are a lot of DIY videos on the internet where one can get guidance.

However, when it comes to fixing laminate sheets for furniture or wall panels, it is best if you call a professional. This is because high-grade adhesives need to be used. Professionals have experience fixing laminate sheets without any gaps or air bubbles. This will ensure that the work done by them has a clean finish.

Recently, a lot of houses are sporting laminates via wall or table decorations. Since the laminates come in various sizes and designs, they will spice up your house.


Laminates in India are inexpensive and can be found online. It is important that anyone who wants to purchase laminates must go through different websites online and gain knowledge of the types and designs available. The cost of laminates is dependent on the company you approach. Each company has a different tariff for the laminates based on the size you opt for.



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