The must have Guest Bathroom Essentials


Have you ever been a guest at somebody’s house and felt a tad uncomfortable in the bathroom? Well, it is normal not to find your level of convenience and luxury in somebody else’s house. But you can always make it simpler for the guests to adjust in your place. Like, if you are designing a guest room, you should get the most comfortable bed with a nightstand and a decent storage space so that the guest can feel at home. Similarly, even the bathroom should have certain important items and accessories in it so that your guests don’t feel lost.

Some items that you should include in your guest bathroom without fail

As a host, it is your responsibility to provide all the necessary essentials to your guests. Well, keeping all the necessary items in the bathroom is the least you can do for them. So, after you have created a nice bathroom attached to your guest room with the perfect work of gib stopping in Auckland via Fine Finish Interiors followed by the painting work done by them, you should start adding in all the essential items to make the space very convenient.

  • Extra toilet tissue

Yes, you might be regular about adding the toilet tissues once they are finished. But it’s important to stock a little extra of this crucial item in your guest bathroom too. You never know when they’ll suddenly find the need for the extra ones and would be too embarrassed to ask.

  • Trash can

Always add a trash can in the guest bathroom additionally to the one you’re putting in the guest room. Your guest might require trashing the personal sanitization items immediately and would definitely require a separate can in the washroom.

  • Air freshener

We bet your guests would really feel awkward to ask you for an air freshener to be used in the bathroom. Well, they might require it regularly in this space. So, won’t it be good if you already kept this in the bathroom cabinet for their convenience? How about the plug-in ones where they just need to turn on a switch (keep a tab on the refill though!)?!

  • Extra soaps and face tissues

We know you have kept everything ready for the guests in the bathroom. From the soap to the tissues and even shampoo is already there. But it’s a basic courtesy to provide them with some extras so that they find them handy whenever they require them in an emergency.

  • Bath mat

A bath mat is necessary for a guest bathroom if you want your guests to have a really hygienic experience in and around the bathroom. Place it at the base of the bathtub or shower cubicle and even outside the bathroom. This prevents any kind of mess in the dry area.

  • Bathrobes, towels, and slippers

It is very necessary that your guests feel special and comfortable in your house and providing a plush bathrobe, clean bath towels, and slippers is a part of this treatment.

  • Bath bombs and bubble bath

If you really want your guests to feel totally like royalty or you have someone whom you want to impress by your extreme level of courtesy, provide them with some luxury bath products like bath bombs, bubble baths, shower gels, etc. To make these more alluring, place them all in a nice decorative basket and keep it on the countertop in your bathroom. Even scented candles can find their way gladly in this basket.

  • Reading items

Whether it is the latest Cosmopolitan magazine or the morning’s newspaper or simply a romantic novel, keep it on a book rack on the counter in your guest bathroom. Some of your guests would love to read these interesting books while taking their luxurious baths.

  • Laundry bag

Your guests might feel at a loss as to what to do with their soiled robes and towels after using them. Don’t you think you should place a laundry bag in this room so that they should not worry about this mess?

  • Decorative items

We are not challenging your decorative talent, but some decorative add-ons can always work wonders. Like, you can place a vase with some fresh flowers in your bathroom, a nice wall art, and even some sculptural pieces to create a wonderful ambiance in your washroom.

 Apart from all these, you should also keep a bottle of deodorant, some supplies of sanitary napkins, disposable razors, and shaving cream. We are sure your guests would be extremely happy with this special treatment and love your courtesy because of these careful arrangements. 


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