The Perfect Guide to Deal With the Underarm Sweat

The Perfect Guide to Deal With the Underarm Sweat

We all sweat, particularly in summers, it is quite normal. However, excessive underarm sweating is something that results in humiliation and emotional distress. Many people go with antiperspirants, medications, or other DIYs to prevent it. But, in most cases, they do not understand that it could be a medical condition and that no DIY remedy can help.

Here, treatments like miraDry, Botox, and more guarantee clean and sweat-free underarms.

So, if you are fed up with excessive sweating and want a solution, look at the ways and treatments for underarm sweating given below.

Why Armpits Sweat in Excess?

But when armpit sweat gets excessive and embarrassing, it could be something more. Here are some of the most common causes of excessive armpit sweat:

When you sweat normally, your body is discharging extra heat and preserving the ideal body temperature. But when it is about underarm excessive sweating, it is more than the heat discharge. Some common causes include:

  • Weather change
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Lifestyle like stress, diet
  • Ongoing medications
  • Axillary hyperhidrosis

Knowing the cause of sweat armpits is a lot important and comes as the first thing to treat them effectively. However, in the case of hyperhidrosis, consulting with a specialist for treatment is the need. 

Common Ways to Fix Sweaty Armpits

Regular Grooming and Hygiene Maintenance

Armpit sweat not only results in odor production but causes tanning to develop beneath the arms. Showering daily is essential to prevent odor buildup. However, trimming or shaving the underarm hair is also vital in addition to the daily shower. The reason is the hair can retain the bacteria that cause odor, and shaving can reduce such inconvenience. Regular exfoliation can also help in the antiperspirant’s improved absorption.

So, to put it simply, maintaining proper cleanliness helps to lessen sweating and keep the underarms odor-free. 

Dress Wisely to Prevent Cloth Stains and Halt Sweating

Dressing wisely becomes more of a strategy when excessive underarm sweating is a major concern. This technique needs to cover two considerations, one is decreasing sweat and another one is hiding the sweat. 

For this:

  • Wear Light Clothes: Choose breathable, light-colored clothing that ensures the armpits get sufficient air and keeps them cool.
  • Use Armpit Sweat Pads: This helps to hide and absorb the perspiration. Such pads are also known as sweat shields that easily stick to the skin or clothes. 
  • Wear Sweat-Proof Undershirts: These undershirts are similar to sweat pads, but they have built-in pads instead. These might be fairly expensive as well.

Healthy Diet

Some foods are known to produce sweat and some help to control perspiration. For instance, spicy foods, junk eatables, and meat, all trigger sweating. 

On the other hand, eating vegetables and drinking plenty of water regulates perspiration. So, making changes to everyday lifestyle can be helpful. It can be hard for many individuals but simply cutting out the foods that trigger sweat can do the work. 

Less Stress Means Less Sweat

The body releases the hormone adrenaline when we are under stress. It makes the body active, causing the armpits to perspire. Additionally, the proteins and lipid components in stress sweat produce microorganisms. This explains why underarm sweat smells worse than other types of perspiration.

Of course, it seems unnecessary to sweat too much. Especially when your everyday living includes meeting new people or working among professionals. Here, you can simply work on managing the stress levels and follow some practices like meditation, exercise, yoga, and getting proper sleep. 

Regular Exercise is Essential

People think exercising leads to more sweating. However, it makes the body more active and, with time, results in reduced perspiration. Want to know how?

Building healthy eating habits and lifestyle means weight reduction. It increases the chances of less stress and decreased sweat that was usually exceeded due to obesity. Exercise lower stress which is the main cause of extreme underarm perspiration. 

Weight loss and exercise are difficult, and changing to a new diet requires time. But keep in mind that these are the best ways to reduce armpit perspiration.

Apply Antiperspirant

There are two types of antiperspirants. One is over-the-counter antiperspirants and another is known as prescription antiperspirants. 

Over-the-counter ones comprise the aluminum in less amount and must be tried to see if they are effective. Here, doctors say the antiperspirants with aluminum chloride provide better results. Simply apply it at night or as suggested by the specialist. 

On the other hand, the prescription-strength antiperspirants comprise aluminum chloride hexahydrate. The concentration of the solution is a bit high and is recommended for use only if it does not irritate the skin.

Effective Treatments for Underarm Sweating

Botox for Underarms

Botox treatment works by obstructing the nerves that trigger the sweat glands. It paralyzes the overactive nerves, eliminating the connection between the sweat glands and nerves. Consequently, there is no perspiration.

miraDry Treatment

MiraDry is a successful procedure that targets the sweat and odor-producing glands in the armpits using electromagnetic energy. Thus, permanently getting rid of them. This guarantees that the skin’s surface will stay cool. Additionally, it is a rapid and non-invasive procedure that guarantees permanent effects and eliminates sweating under the armpits.

Laser Therapy

The specialists of lasers in Canberra prefer lasers to address underarm perspiration. The reason is it exactly targets the sweat glands present in the specific tissue layer under the armpit skin.


Iontophoresis is a type of underarm sweating treatment that utilizes water and an electrical current to inject the medication through the skin. Thus, halting the sweat production. Although it is a successful treatment, better outcomes come from multiple sessions.

Summing Up

You don’t have to put up with the tension or discomfort of excessive perspiration under your arms. There are many methods and underarm sweating treatments that can help you get rid of all the problems caused by perspiration.

Some of these cures or treatments might work, while others might not. Here, speaking with knowledgeable dermatologists can be beneficial. They are better able to identify the root reasons for armpit perspiration and predict the most effective course of action.

Hope you find this write-up helpful. 

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