The Top Areas to Place the Crystals at Home for Best Energy


When it is your home, you always want only the positive vibes to welcome you. But this isn’t possible with only interior designs and techniques. How about adding some positive vibes in your home? Now you’ll ask us how one can add positive vibes to a house?! Well, in that case, you need to be aware of crystals and their amazing power in impacting your mood and attitude.

The best locations in your home which can benefit from an addition of a crystal

Crystals have been a part of home décor for ages. It’s been a while since the interior decorators got aware of its excellent power in impacting your lifestyle and acknowledged its beauty to be an active influence in your décor. That is why you will find various types of crystal décor from Fettle Belle getting lots of fame in the home decorating magazines and even showing off their power in practical life. You will get only authentic and best quality crystals from them which are sure to work for you in the best way and also charm your home marvellously. And if you need some guidance of their suitable and proper placement in the house, then keep reading.

  • At the entrance — One of the most impactful yet famous crystals called black tourmaline is perfect for the entrance. You can place it on any shelf near the door that welcomes you and your guests. You can also place another crystal named jade at this location to bring in good luck in your house. crystal create positive energy in the house and also bring happiness.
  • At your bedside — Your bedroom is probably the space wherein you spend your maximum amount of time. So, if you place an effective crystal in this room, it’s going to provide you with great positive vibes and also help you beat the stress and tension in your life. We would suggest you place it somewhere very close to you from where it can impact you directly. Like your bedside for instance. Rose quartz is known to bring lots of happiness, joy, and health to you. What’s more, if you place it near your bed, it will also help you beat anaemia and help you sleep better.
  • In your living room — You often just visit your living room to relax and chill and have some time with your family. But you can enhance the positivity in your relationship by keeping a crystal in this space as well. Let us introduce you to selenite, amethyst, and amber – the crystals which are really effective to make you feel relaxed and content and even happy in your surroundings.  If you want all your family members to get affected positively, you can place these crystals on your centre table on just near the sofa so that everybody is impacted.

Crystals are definitely magical. They have the power to transform the depression and negative vibes in your home into something really positive and happy. So, don’t hesitate in investing in them.


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