The Whole Kit and Caboodle About Car Park Exhaust Duct

Car Park exhaust duct
Car Park exhaust duct

Car Park exhaust duct is vital for the elimination of exhaust vapors and gases from vehicles that contain harmful toxins like carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous oxides (NOX), dioxide of sulphide (SO2) and other types of pollutants.

Most of the buildings like malls, shopping center, and office car parking areas are constructed at the underground level, as a result the parking spaces are an enclosed from all sides and there is no way to install ventilation system. Hence, there is a huge requirement to make way for adequate ventilation system so that all the smoke removal can happen efficiently and does not suffocate people.

Car Park Exhaust Duct
Car Park exhaust duct

In this blog we will explore everything there is to know about a good car park exhaust system.

Understanding the Australian Protocol for Car Park exhaust system

As per the National health and medical research criteria and work safe, all the car parking spaces should be ventilated, and you have to ensure minimum levels of carbon monoxide. Hence the car park exhaust duct ventilation system should be designed and installed keeping this in mind. If the parking spaces fail to comply with the requirements and the guidelines, then the owner of such parking spaces can get penalized by the authority. Along with the carbon monoxide levels the engineers also need to keep in mind fire and smoke safety and install jet fans to ensure they meet the BCA clauses.

The basic requirements of the car park exhaust duct system

  • The car park exhaust duct ventilation system should be always functional unless you have an automatic carbon monoxide detection system that always monitors the level of CO and functions accordingly.
  • It is compulsory for the car park exhaust to change the air at least once in every 24 hours to provide fresh air. Even, you can adjust these ducts according to your needs.
  • The car park exhaust duct should be able to read the levels of carbon monoxide and trigger warning automatically irrespective of the car park being occupied or not.
  • The car park exhaust system should be installed keeping mind the number of vehicles estimated to enter and exit on daily basis.
  • Each sensor to detect the carbon monoxide levels should be placed at every 25kms gap and not more than that.
  • If the car park area is not being utilized, the car park exhaust system can be shut down or motion sensor systems should be installed. So that whenever a vehicle enters the parking space, the ventilation system automatically activates itself.
  • If the vehicles parked in the car park will be stationery for 2 hours and more, then the car park exhaust duct system can be reduced to half as there will less level of carbon monoxide generated. This is best for office spacing places.
Car Park Exhaust Duct
Car Park exhaust duct

The merits of installing car park exhaust duct system

  • With appropriate car park exhaust duct system, you do not have to install additional air distribution mechanisms and you can keep your parking space clean.
  • The duct ventilation fans are smaller in size hence they consume less energy. Apart from that, they can create a minimum amount of noise.
  • With the car park exhaust duct system, you do not need to make extra room for ventilation, which saves space for allowing more vehicles to park and does not cluster the parking area.
  • The car park exhaust duct system also reduces the construction cost because the ventilation system in small and does not require any extra building material or space to be dedicated to it.


With many reputed brands in the market, be wise and conduct thorough research before you pick the car park exhaust system.


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