Things to keep in mind while planning for Masai Mara luxury safari holidays

Masai Mara Luxury Safari

The perfect African safari experience typically leads one to Masai Mara. Renowned all over the world, Kenya’s Masai Mara is one of the best parks to enjoy authentic safaris. The Mara is characterized by beautiful plains and savannahs, abundant wildlife, and vibrant Masai culture. Moreover, it is home to the popular African big five animals. Its wide landscape further houses plentiful plain animals as well as rare animal species. To explore the park, a Masai Mara luxury safari is highly recommended.

There are various reasons why the Mara is chosen as the top safari destination. Along with its flourishing flora and fauna, the Mara hosts the incredible wildebeest migration. Visiting the Mara makes up for a special vacation. But a Masai Mara luxury safari also involves a lot of planning.
Here are five things to keep in mind while planning for Masai Mara luxury safari holidays:

Masai Mara National reserve

The reserve spans approximately 370,000 acres and is located in southwestern Kenya. It is also part of the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem which showcases the annual migration. The reserve has distinct terrains and habitats. These range from rivers to forests and craters. In them reside nearly 100 animal species and over 400 bird species. The reserve is also divided into different geographic areas. The Mara triangle is among the famous region which has rich wildlife and tends to attract less tourist crowd

Private conservancies

The vast Masai Mara houses private conservancies within the reserve. They are perfect for a Masai Mara luxury safari. These conservancies are more exclusive, offering the finest game drives and a plethora of other activities. Some of the famous conservancies of the Mara are Mara North, Ol Kanye, Naboisho, and Olare Motorogi.
Those staying in the reserve cannot visit the conservancies. In contrast, travelers staying in private conservancies are free to explore the reserve. During the peak of migration, conservancies offer better sightings of the entire event. Staying in private conservancies provide better opportunities to witness local people co-existing with the African wildlife

How to get to the reserve

Travelers can reach Masai Mara in two ways. Flying to the reserve is often convenient and quick. Daily flights fly directly to the many airstrips of the Mara, depending on one’s accommodation. One can depart easily from Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or the domestic Wilson airport. The flight duration from Nairobi to the reserve is approximately 45 minutes to an hour
An alternative way to get to the reserve is by road, which is also an affordable option. Travelers can opt to drive from Nairobi to Masai Mara. It is also ideal for those desiring more adventure and freedom during their Masai Mara tour. However, traveling by road to Mara’s nearest gate may take 4 to 5 hours, covering a distance of 270 kilometers or more

Things to pack

For a luxury Masai Mara safari, one should consider the weather, culture, and comfort while packing. For safaris, one should always carry muted colors like khaki green instead of brightly colored apparel. Muted colors help in blending with safari surroundings. Do not wear military or camouflaged clothing during a Masai Mara safari as it is considered inappropriate
Mornings and evenings can become chilly. So, one must bring a jacket and scarf to remain warm. Sturdy yet comfortable shoes are extremely helpful during game walks. To protect yourself from UV rays, hats and sunscreen lotion with a high SPF are more than enough. Other things to carry along are insect repellent, medication, binoculars, cameras, and travel adapters

Best time to visit Masai Mara

Masai Mara is a year-round destination due to its abundant wildlife. It always displays something new no matter when you go. However, planning your Masai Mara luxury safari depends on what you would like to see and other personal interests. The peak season to visit the reserve is from July to October. Not only is the weather favorable during these months, but one can also witness the wildebeest migration. The only months not recommended to visit the Mara is during the long rains, from April to June
A Masai Mara luxury safari is an exciting vacation plan. It is highly suggested to look for a tour company which specializes in Masai Mara safari holidays. They must also be able to offer personalized Masai Mara tour itineraries that match one’s preferences.


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