Things to Know Before You Hire a Carpet Cleaner

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No matter the size, all carpets need cleaning at some point. The longer you let them go without being cleaned, the more difficult it will be to eliminate any stains or unpleasant smells.

You should always have your carpet professionally cleaned by people who know what they are doing but did you ever stop to think about how much goes into this process? We pulled together some interesting facts that will blow your mind!

  • Carpet doesn’t have to be replaced if it’s just stained

Removing the stains can make a big difference. It will help to hide dirt and will give your carpet a deeper color again. There are plenty of ways to remove different kinds of stains, but sometimes it’s better to leave them alone if they’re not too bad!

There are lots of different ways to get rid of stains on your carpet. A professional cleaner can use a particular machine to suck up the color, or they may be able to dry clean it. If you want to do it yourself, many cleaning products are available online, which can you help to remove even the toughest stains.

  • There are many types of carpeting – including wool, nylon, and polyester

Different types of fibers use to make carpeting—most modern carpets make from synthetic chemicals. The most common materials used for carpet fibers are wool, nylon, and polyester. Wool is also a popular choice due to its ability to resist moisture well and be resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites.

. Wool – is the most natural type of carpet and can be dyed in various colors. It’s also the best option if you have pets, as this material is less likely to show marks or stains.

. Nylon – is another sturdy choice for carpeting, and it’s more affordable than wool. A drawback with nylon carpeting is that it isn’t exceptionally stain-resistant.

. Polyester – has become a hugely popular choice among homeowners because it can withstand heavy wear without tearing. If you want your polyester carpet to stay looking fresh, make sure you get a regular professional cleaning done

  • You can use a steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner for basic cleaning

If you want to keep your carpet clean, investing in a steam cleaner or vacuum will help. You can use either of these tools for primary cleaning purposes, and it’s much better than using a broom or a mop. If your household is hectic, this could be the only way to make sure that you get as much dirt out of your carpets as possible!

If you only want to give your carpet a light clean, you can try using either a steam cleaner or a regular vacuum. Steam cleaners use hot water and high-powered vacuums to blast stains away, similar to how a carpet cleaner works. If you need something more powerful, then it’s worth getting your carpets cleaned professionally every six months.

  • Shampooing your carpets is recommended every six months

A lot of people don’t realize that shampooing your carpets can make a big difference. By removing any dirt and grime first, you’re giving the carpet fibers time to recover and retain their original color. It will also give your carpet a more profound and richer appearance!

If there are problems with odor, then shampooing the carpet is the first step to take. You should also shampoo your carpets before cleaning to be easier for the cleaners to work with! Getting a professional deep-clean once a year recommends as this will help remove any spots or stains that you’ve missed.

  • The best time to shampoo your carpets is in the fall when you turn on the heat

The best time to shampoo your carpets is when the weather starts getting colder. It will help you to get rid of any sweat and dirt that’s been sitting in your carpet for months, as well as freshen up the fibers. It means that you can have a fresh new start to the winter season!

If you have kids, then the best time to shampoo your carpets is in the fall when you turn on the heat for winter. It is because it’s easier to clean up any extra moisture and reduce the risk of mold or mildew forming.

  • Rugs come with a warranty that covers problems like stains or tears

If you’re shopping for rugs, then you should look out for the warranty that they come with. Carpets are a high-quality investment, and having this extra guarantee can save you money if anything goes wrong!

It is beneficial for any rugs made from natural fibers like wool or cotton, as these can damage by spills or rip easily. If your carpet has a warranty, then the seller may even replace your rug completely!

  • The cost for carpet cleaning varies depending on how large your home is

Carpets in smaller homes tend to get dirty a lot quicker because more people are walking on them. If you live in a big house with high-traffic areas, then you will need to get your carpets cleaned far more often due to the extra wear and tear that they have!

If you’re looking for an estimate on the average cost of professional carpet cleaning, that depends on a few factors. The size of your home and how dirty your carpets are will decide how much it costs to get them cleaned professionally!


  • Professional companies often offer discounts for their customers

If you want to save money, it’s a good idea to look for any discount codes available on the company’s website. The professional carpet cleaners will offer deals like this because they understand how important it is to keep costs down.  Professional carpet cleaning companies in London often offer discounts for customers who sign up for services.


Carpets are the most common flooring in many homes and offices. If you’re wondering how to keep them clean, then there are lots of things you can do! By following these tips, you can make sure that your carpets look great for years. It can also reduce the risk of getting any nasty stains or allergies hopes!


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