Things You Need to Do Before Moving Into Your Rented Property

rented property

Congratulations on the move! After having survived the time and energy-draining process of looking for a home, it’s time to enjoy life at the new address. 

You are probably excited and in need of somewhere to start – Get your pen and paper ready – it’s time to start making a checklist for your move. From hiring a professional moving company to planning your new life, there’s a never-ending list of things you should do before moving in. If you haven’t already prepared the moving checklist, have a look at these five things you need to do before moving into your new home.

Change The Locks

To ensure the safety of your home, the first and foremost thing to do is to reinstall the locks. Who knows what the previous tenants did with the keys? You wouldn’t want a stranger running around with a key to your main entrance, so call the locksmith and get the task done. Do it before you move in so that your first few nights in your home are stress-free and relaxing. In addition to this, getting the locks changed before the move can prevent your belongings from being exposed during the brief window while your locks are getting reinstalled.

Check For Leaks

If you are moving into a rented property, ideally, your landlord should have ensured that your house is leak-free. But, whatever may be the case, simply double-checking can give you peace of mind. 

Before moving in, check your water meter. Do not use any water and wait for two hours to recheck the meter. The reading should remain constant. If it doesn’t, you might have a plumbing leak. Inform the landlord right away so that the necessary course of action is taken.

Check Smoke Alarms And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Before moving into your new home, test every smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. Light a match in front of the smoke detectors to ensure it is working. Address the malfunction to your landlord if the sensor does not respond. If the malfunction is not addressed, smoke detectors can fail you when you might need them the most. That is why testing the smoke detector is important. If your home doesn’t have a carbon monoxide detector, then demand one from your landlord or buy online or from a home improvement store nearby. 

Locate The Circuit-Breaker

Every once in a while, you might need to replace a fuse or reset a circuit breaker. If there is power breakage, make sure to hire reliable electricians in Darwin. Regardless, be sure to locate the circuit breakers. Common locations for the circuit breakers are outdoors, in storage closets, in hallways, or in basements. Also, it will be beneficial in the event of power outrage if you know the difference between a fuse box and a circuit-breaker.

Schedule Home Improvements

Home improvements and repairs are an inevitable part of moving into a new home. As a general rule, landlords are expected to provide a safe property at the start and throughout the tenancy. This includes making sure the fuse boxes, wiring, etc. are not dangerous. So, make sure you ask your landlord for an electrical inspection before you move in. Even if you have purchased the house, call reliable electricians for quality inspection so that you can enjoy your time peacefully.

There are some other repairs too that require more attention like windows that don’t lock etc. It is necessary that these things are taken care of beforehand by either the broker or the landlord. If they aren’t, get it done ASAP! These improvements should be scheduled well ahead of time so that you are not worrying about them on the day of your move. Get the repairs done first; it will make your life easier.

We understand that moving is already a hassle and the last thing you want right now is to add more to your plate. Have a look at this checklist, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your move without any stress, the way you deserve.


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