Timber vs Composite Decking: Which one you should select and Why


Decorating every corner of your house is your foremost concern after buying a new home or doing new construction. And, to give a glittering and awe look becomes necessary for every component. Among them, flooring is one of them on which you work a lot in terms Decorating every corner of your house is your foremost concern after buying a new home or doing new construction. And, to give a glittering and awe look becomes necessary for every design, material, or workmanship. For flooring, you have a wide range of choices, among which are timber and composite decking. Both of them have their benefits and limitations. Hence, before you go for any of them as decking installation from a professional company, you have to choose after assessing all the parameters. 

If used for decking, wooden planks add aesthetic value and help you enhance your house’s beauty. Wood or timber brings classiness or some sort of old-school vibe that you were always looking for. Plus, you will always find an affinity for wooden elements due to their attraction quotient. It makes a perfect reason for the Australian people and all around the world to prefer timber decking. Many companies are providing services related to composite decking in Perth. Hence, if you live around this area, you can surely go for timber decking. 

In addition to this, you will find that timber or wood is pretty inexpensive unless you want some sort of design on them. Therefore, the high cost of such flooring and decking services may reduce to a great extent. Besides this, the stunning appeal and look of such decking solutions also let you raise your property’s value.

Considering the climate of Australia, timber decking is something that suits your lifestyle. Most of the prime cities in this country are in the coastal region and directly face the Great Barrier Reef, Tasman Sea, Coral Sea, Arafura Sea, etc. When you put your foot on such decks, and the sun is over your head, you will witness comfort. 

But the biggest issue or con with wooden decking is that you have to go for regular and periodic maintenance. It is because you will experience discoloration, cracking, and termites affinity towards timber decks. Hence, the cost of installing decking solutions can get compensated on the maintenance front.

On the other end, composite decking is something like a combination of timber and plastic polymer amalgamation. Composite decking is an environment-friendly solution that you can contemplate during the installation time. As a chief constituent in the materials, this polymer mixture resists any sort of change due to weather or climatic changes. Hence, somewhere the maintenance cost is low as you won’t witness any situation like decking getting rot or splintered with time. 

When it comes to the look given by the composite decking, you must know that composite decking, unlike timber, will allow applying colors to it. Hence, the essence of beauty that it will emit is quite different. However, some claim that such a look is a bit fake. 

Polymer capping in such decking also removes the porous portion from the timber up to a great extent. Hence, moisture penetration in the composite decking solutions will be less. Due to this, you will also find that the durability quotient in the composite decking will be more than that in the timber decking. Also, the structural integrity will be intact in the case of composite decking.

But durability comes at a cost. Yes, the installation cost of composite decking solutions is a bit high. Hence, new homeowners may avoid it for a while, considering that timber decking is cost-effective. But, composite decking is a one-time investment that will surely reduce your stress for many years that you have to take in terms of maintenance for timber decking.


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