Tips for Choosing the Right Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Bath Shower Mixer Taps

The simple bath shower mixer taps are perfect to draw the water after mixing it. That means it reaches you after the required temperature has already been achieved. It is simply an extension to the bathtub mixer with a handheld shower. The purpose is to make your bath experience more pleasureful and enjoyable. It is no secret that bathroom taps bring that final touch to your bathroom renovation. That means it can make or break its entire outlook. Given there are no limits to your creative ideas for a bathroom renovation. Your bathroom style would need a specific bath shower mixer tap to appear attractive.

Thankfully, shower mixer taps are available in numerous designs, styles, and materials. That allows you to pick one that goes along with the room’s theme. However, selecting the right one can be challenging with the excessive range of options.

Why Are Bath Shower Mixer Taps Important?

Not to mention, most homeowners prefer concentrating on the central fixtures of the bathroom like toilet, enclosure, bathtub, vanity unit, etc. While it is equally essential to pay closer attention to detail. This also includes selecting the bathroom taps that people often fail to do better.

If you are searching for the right bath shower mixer taps with no background knowledge about plumbing or design, our guide may come in handy for you. Here we describe some valuable and effective tips to follow for a better purchase.

What are The Different Types of Bath Shower Mixers?

There are the following different types of shower mixers available in the market.

  • Manual Shower Mixers.    It allows you to control the mixing of water manually to reach the desired temperature. 
  • Thermostatic Shower Mixers. These offer control of the water temperature mechanically. So, you consistently receive the water at the desired temperature wherever it is being used. 
  • Digital Shower Mixers. These also regulate the temperature at desired level but have much more integration of technology that includes digital assistance as well as display

Important Tips for Choosing the Right Bath Shower Mixer Taps

While choosing the right option is critical for making everything right with your bathtub and taps choice, it is important that you know how to deal with it. You should follow these tips in order to make sure that you are on the right track. 

Bath Shower Mixer Taps

  • Stick with the Theme: Bath taps act as a finishing touch to your bathroom. If you are following traditional and vintage styles for your bathroom or going for a modern and sophisticated look, get your bath shower mixer taps of the same design. If you install vintage-styled bath taps to your contemporary bathroom theme, it will look odd and awful at first glance. Therefore, always follow the style of your theme before selecting the bath taps.
  • Know Your Water Pressure: Not every bathroom has equal water pressure. Similarly, not every bath tap is suitable to function in all intensities of water pressure. Some taps require a high-water pressure in the water pipes to function correctly, whereas others can also survive the lower pressure. In the case of bath shower mixer taps, you need to have better water pressure to enjoy your bathing time in luxury because no one likes a feeble and dribbling shower.
  • Determine the Correct Size: Just like the types and designs, bathroom taps also vary in size. So, while you are on your shopping spree for your bathroom items, be sure to check the size of the outlet and available space in your room. This will enable you to procure a tap that easily fits your fixture. Inappropriate sizes of bath shower mixer taps will diminish the outlook of your bathroom.
  • Wall-mounted or Deck-Mounted Taps: Bath shower mixer taps typically come in two types: wall-mounted and deck-mounted. Wall-mounted faucets are installed on the wall on top of the plumbed water outlets. On the contrary, deck-mounted taps are fixed on top of the deck of the countertop basin, which is linked with the main water inlet. Mixer taps are available in both styles so, choose wisely.

Getting Most Out of Your Bath Shower Mixer Taps

It may not be simply possible for you to get the most out of your bathroom taps unless you know how to make the right choice. Our tips about bath shower mixer taps will help you to ensure that you have the perfect choice for a bathtub. You can check high-quality taps ranging from Kartell, Hudson Reed, and Premier at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK. 


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