Tips for Find Top Innovative Architect Designer

Top Innovative Architect Designer
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A qualified architect can take your home construction from ordinary to beautiful. Here are some tips for finding the right architect for your needs to maximize the potential of your housing project. In order to find the right architect for your project, you need to be clear on the details of your brief. This is called a “brief.” Think of the brief as a problem statement, not a solution. The architect’s job is to find the best solution for your needs. The question is how to find a top architect in Islamabad? There are many designers in Islamabad to create your dream home.

How to Create a Short List of Room Design?

  1. Start by making a shortlist of the rooms and spaces you want to design. Think about your family’s lifestyle and how you will use your home now and in the future.
  2. Expand this list to include specific space, light and storage requirements. It is the skilful combination of these elements that form the basis of a great home.
  3. Practical issues such as energy efficiency and basic maintenance should also be on the list. You should also take the time to consider style, details and finishes. Use online resources such as Houzz to gather images that will inspire you.
  4. Finally, have a clear idea of the estimated budget for the project. This includes construction, professional fees, refurbishment, finishes, furnishings and all associated taxes and fees.

Differentiate Between Builder and Architects

“The conversation between the builder and the architect is the most intimate. The conversation between the builder and the architect is the most intimate because building a home is all about dreams. These words of the famous American architect Robert A.M. Stern perfectly express the importance of the dialogue between the architect and the client. The conversation is as much about listening as it is about talking. So choose an architect you trust and who understands your project.

How to Find an Ideal Architect Designer

  1. The ideal architect will demonstrate great sensitivity and commitment to the design of your home. He or she will combine design expertise with the ability to complete your project on time and at the best cost.
  2. Word of mouth is always a useful tool in recommending an architect, followed closely by feedback from previous clients. Look at images of the architect’s previous work to see if his or her style fits.

Design Process

  1. At every stage of the design process, it is important to know exactly what is being proposed for your home.
  2. The architect will use drawings to communicate their ideas.
  3. Drawings can be two-dimensional (usually plans, sections or sketches) or three-dimensional (freehand sketches or computer-generated images).
  4. If you can’t understand the drawings, ask for a simple cardboard model instead. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem silly.
  5. This is your home and it’s important that you understand everything about it and enhance your outdoor space.

Project Process

  1. As the project progresses, more detailed information will be included in the drawings. At each stage, you should request a copy of the “clean” drawings, without text or annotations, so that you can clearly see what is being proposed.
  2. It is a good idea to draw up a contract, signed by both parties, defining the services you want the architect to provide and the amount you expect to pay.

Schematic Design

Architects generally divide their services into stages corresponding to the construction process: schematic design (preparation of a preliminary proposal), detailed design (preparation of a preferred proposal, including application for building permits if necessary), detailed design (preparation of documentation for pricing by the contractor), construction (including inspection and certification of the construction work). Etc.


In addition to agreeing on an overall cost (usually calculated as a percentage of the construction cost, but lump sums or hourly rates may also be offered), you will also need to agree on a percentage of the fee to be paid upon completion of each stage. You will also need to agree on a fee schedule for any additional work you wish to have the architect do. You should check what taxes will be charged and whether you should expect to pay printing and photocopying costs.

Final Words

It is also helpful to have an “exit strategy” in place in case the project is postponed or cancelled, or if either party wishes to terminate the relationship at some point.

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