Tips on Finding a Wood Burning Stove

wood burning stoves

dDon’t you find something special about firelight and the warmth of wood burning stoves? Obviously, we all do.  The warmth of the wood burning stoves can make any room cozy and safe. Moreover, the natural element of a wood burner has an aesthetic appeal as well.

In fact, the wood burning stoves are also an excellent renewable energy alternative to fossil fuels.

So, if you’re thinking to install a log burning stove or a multi fuel burner in your home then, read on to learn about some great tips to help you choose the perfect wood stoves Ireland for you. But, before diving into that, let’s understand what actually a wood burning stove is?

Don’t you find something special about firelight and the warmth of wood burning stoves?

What is a Wood Burning Stove?

Wood burning stoves are also known as log burners, or pellet stoves which are essentially a metal box with a tube coming out of the top. Wood can be placed into the woodstove in a number of different formats and burned to generate heat.

There are some primary holes found at the front of the woodstove. These holes can be opened and closed for providing more or less oxygen to the fire. Hence, this feature gives you the control over the temperature.

There are some models of wood burning stoves in which you’ll find two air vents. In some log burner fireplaces, you’ll find another feature called air wash. The air wash feature has been given in these stoves to keep the glass window clean.

What You Need to Consider while Choosing a Wood Burner?

Are you installing a wood burning stove? Here are top tips for what to consider when choosing wood burning stoves Ireland for your home:

  1. Explore stove style options and think first about your desired result that will help you narrow down the kind of wood burner you are looking for.
  2. It is also important to understand the smoke control areas. It means, you should consider the local smoke control restrictions which are placed in your region.
  3. Next thing to consider is: whether you want a wood burner or a multi-fuel stove. A wood burner can be used in a smoke control zone whereas a multi-fuel stove is particularly useful if you live in a smoke control area.
  4. Next, you need to consider what heat output do you need to achieve a comfortable temperature?
  5. Consider if you need to install a chimney or not. If a pre-fabricated system has been fitted to your property internally or externally, you would not need to install a chimney.
  6. You should grips with safety regulations. That means, when you choose and install heating appliances, you need to consider that where the product is to be placed along with the distance to walls and other surfaces.
  7. Consider to have your wood burning stoves in Ireland installed by a professional as they ensure all requirements are met without safety risks.

However, the best thing to do when finding a right wood burner stove is to speak to a trusted wood burner stoves’ retailer. An expert retailer such as laois stone & stoves is knowledgeable about anything from design to installation, and we ensure that you get the right wood stoves Ireland for your home improvement.


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