Tips to Help You Decorate Your Bedroom

Tips to Help You Decorate Your Bedroom
Tips to Help You Decorate Your Bedroom

Want to see some new ways to decorate that favorite room of the house, your bedroom? We take you through what is currently trending and popular in bedroom interiors.

What is your style?

A bedroom interior is usually determined by your personal taste. While other rooms in your home could be dictated by your personal taste, your bedroom should not be ruled by your ego. It’s important to do what suits you the best and ultimately it is your space. More space is important! Your bedroom should be a haven, a haven for you. 

There’s more space than your living room so it’s a nice way to create a real retreat from your work routine. It’s also a place to invite your friends or family over for a party. This space could be a beautiful, secluded space to take a little break and unwind. Minimalism is now! 

All of us love the big, full, lush interiors. Yet, minimalism is the current interior design trend when you decorate your bedroom and it is slowly creeping into the bedroom world.

Shabby chic

Shabby chic has been around for quite some time but this chic style is coming back in a big way. Usually with soft colors and lots of flowers, this style is still very easy to put together. 

Electricity is a big theme in bedroom decor and is one of the trending and popular options. One of the big reasons that this trend is popular is the room is never the same which makes for many interesting moods and feelings when you walk in. 

The rustic bedroom is a perfect style for small spaces or apartments where you want a real minimalistic look. You will have the option of finding lots of furniture pieces to complement and brighten up this bedroom look. 

In today’s digital age, there are lots of things we carry with us that we never have a chance to use.


If you want to decorate your bedroom and love the eclectic and minimalist styles of interior design, then a mix of different colours, patterns, textures, and finishes will help bring a calm vibe into your bedroom. Add an upcycled and reclaimed accent piece from the local market to your bed or sofa. 

You might be the type that loves traditional interiors, but a hip decor style such as Folk is trending for 2021. It is inspired by the West Indies and has its own unique charm. The living room feel will feature earthy tones, minimal patterns and patterns and the fresh and wholesome feel. 

Contemporary styles are a mix between old and new trends, which mixes the warmth of natural materials, and bold colours and furniture styles. An eclectic and bright look, which are making a comeback on the bedroom scene.


Mix textures together – If you have a large or small bed, mix textures with various textures. You could experiment with other design principles and different fabrics, even get yourself some art to place on your nightstand for a nice restful night’s sleep. 

Wear your love of pillows and accessories to the headboard of your bed. Pillows make a statement about the kind of person you are. Adding just a few statement pillows adds so much character to your bedroom. 

Turn your bed into a work of art by placing inspirational quotes and pictures in your bedroom. Place your bed across from a window to bring in natural light, and to make it as a peaceful place to rest at the end of your day.


There are plenty of accessories that couples can use to decorate your bedroom and add romance to the bedroom, such as lovely feather headboards, pictures and lamps. Add some candles to make the bedroom a homey and romantic place. 

This is a look that has taken over more than the tech world. I met with a friend who refinanced his mortgage recently, and has gone all steampunk in his home. The steampunk style can take inspiration from the Victorian Era with the use of gears, metallic colors and gas lamps. Lamps are in trend for this kind of style. 

Art Deco is a popular style that takes influence from the designs of Art Deco buildings, advertisements, and furniture. The design fad can be found in lampshades, car upholstery, and decorative paint. Beach Retreat Cozy up in your bed with a throw and you’re ready for a relaxing evening in the sun with a nice cocktail.

Modern Romance

Embrace your love of color and pattern and add touches of warmth and texture with our faves. Whether you use bold plaids and florals or a color-block palette, we’ve got you covered! 

Romantic Suites If you want to create a stylish yet cozy space that can act as the heart of your home, check out these bedroom suites. Bedroom Elegance Each of these bedroom suites embodies elegance, and we love the use of feathers and rugs for a feminine touch. 

Our Nooks & Crannies We’ve rounded up some unique corner spaces, including one with one of our all-time favorite pieces: a whimsical owl! Formal Living Room Make your bedroom feel just as sophisticated as your living room with these classic living room designs.

Bedroom colors

Blue is a new and in-vogue color for bedroom interiors. If you are trying to decorate your bedroom and create a room with some blue focus. Why not try using some blue accents like pillows, floor cushions, and rugs. Muted shades of blue are also popular, although the blue tones are a bit darker than one would imagine. 

It is a fine compromise between one of the most popular colors in the world and muted pastels. In terms of different shades, there are purples, pinks and even greys to choose from. 

Some people prefer shades of blue that have a bit more sparkle, but if you are a bit wary of splashes of jewel-toned color, shades of blue with a touch of gray are a great option. Another great choice when renovating your home is to go with a light blue with white or blue-gray contrasts.

Decorate your bedroom decor

Love animal prints in your bedroom? Here’s how to use them to your advantage: Add a fun table lamp When you want something extra special, why not use a table lamp to add some sparkle to your bedroom? These elegant globes are perfect to place on your bedside table, in your bedroom or anywhere that lends itself to a dramatic focal point. 

If you’re not sure about where to get the perfect one, JML offers a good range, and their prices are rock-bottom! Perhaps you don’t fancy a table lamp, make it up with an eye-catching coat hanger. Maybe you don’t like the look of your table or lampshades, why not save money by making your own?


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