Tips to Make Your Kitchen More Spacious


When you live in a home with a small kitchen, you are bound to face many problems. Starting with the cramped up feeling, not enough storage space and much more. Higher standards of living and opting for a more comfortable lifestyle includes bringing in a lot more items, appliances, furniture which ultimately if not kept in the proper place can crowd your space and make your kitchen look small. Small kitchen challenges like cramped cupboards and limited storage end up making your kitchen look cluttered. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

Take this time to spruce up your kitchen. Without going in for major renovations, you can give your kitchen an enhanced and brand new look. The trick in making your kitchen feel and look much bigger than it is lies in the small details, like the type of cabinets chosen for storage, the efficiency of appliances, the brightness of the room, mobility space etc. Once you’ve organised your entire kitchen to the best of its functionality, then you’re set. 

Here are a few tips on how you can make your kitchen feel spacious and less cluttered. 

1.Choose lighter shades of paint for your kitchen

With so many colour schemes and choices available, selecting a particular shade of colour is difficult. To ease up the task, going in for a lighter tone is best, as it helps keep the room cool while naturally illuminating it. Colours like white or similar shades like cream and beige reflect a ton of light and instantly help in brightening up the space, making even a small kitchen feel much bigger. 

2.Invest in compact appliances

If you have a small kitchen shifting to compact appliances works wonders. Going in for a cooking range rather than two separate appliances- like a stove and an oven- can concise space. It’s not only practical but a convenient option as well; having appliances in one place rather than scattered all over the room. Above all, it wouldn’t cramp up your space as much and you would be reducing a lot of appliances. 

3.Save up on floor space

Appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers, cupboards and other items have a way of devouring space in a kitchen. Also, if you have other large furniture nearby, you would find you don’t have enough space to move around comfortably. Therefore, slimming down on kitchen furniture is necessary. Even replacing a kitchen island with a small kitchen table instead, leaves you with much more floor space to manoeuvre in the kitchen. Replacing larger pieces of furniture with downsized pieces, like a folding table or a high kitchen chair can be just the thing your kitchen needs.  

4.Let in natural light

Installing a window in a kitchen is important as it helps keep the space light and airy. By drawing in natural daylight into your home, the room will feel much brighter and in turn bigger. Having a window in a kitchen gives the room a much more refreshed feel as it helps exit fumes given out while cooking, and circulates air in a better manner. Apart from all this, natural light also has a way of pulling in hues from the outdoors and reflects them onto surfaces giving an illusionary expansion of space. If you don’t have a window in your kitchen, you should consider installing one.  

5.Heighten your space with slimmer cabinets

If you have a high kitchen ceiling, why not make use of the additional space? Opting for taller than standard upper cabinets, having a slim design has a way of enhancing a sense of space in a kitchen. Let’s not forget that taller cabinets also means more storage space and this is much needed if you have a small kitchen. If you’re having trouble designing efficient cabinets to suit your kitchen space, the best modular kitchen company in Goa, Blissspace, is at your service. Consultants can advise you on how to maximize space in your kitchen by opting for modular kitchen cabinets, which are spacious and most importantly easy to maintain. You can also always select your shade of preference from the many fun colours, laminates and finishes.

6.Install glass door cabinets

Setting up glass door cabinets provides a dual advantage – they give an added sense of space while providing an aesthetic appeal. Glass fronted cabinets are a good option for a kitchen but make sure not to fill up these cabinets with loads of unwanted items as it defeats the purpose of creating illusionary space, and instead it would make it seem ever more cluttered. Making the best use of these cabinets to store some of your finest mugs and plates, even positioning a few small decorative plants on display, can magnify the place. Although this option would be more expensive in comparison, it will surely heighten up the look as well as amplify space in the kitchen.

A kitchen is your comfort space, be it for preparing meals or even for dining. Having space to move around without bumping into furniture and appliances would truly feel like a luxury to a person who has a small kitchen.


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