Top 4 Types of Roof Materials for Your House


Roofing isn’t something that normal people talk or read about, let alone thinking of spending some money on it. But when you are considering this matter seriously, let us congratulate you that you are going through a very wise step. It is important to update your house’s roof after some years so that your home stays protected against all the dangerous factors of nature. Apart from it, it is also important to keep your roof in better shape if you want your house to stay beautiful for years.

The best materials to consider for your roof

When you consider choosing the ideal material for your roof, remember to keep certain things in mind. First of all, think, is the material so heavy that it won’t support the framing of your house? Well, if it is not, then you can always think of installing it. Other than this, remember if it abides by the fire protocols of your area, can increase the value of your house, and lastly — can suit the decor of your home. If all these things are found in a certain material, you can add such a roof to your house without much ado. Apart from these, there is this list of the best roofing materials for your house which you can consider and then choose the best alternative for your house.

  • Asphalt roofs

Asphalt roofs are the most common ones seen in various houses across the world. Firstly, these are pretty solid and colorful materials for your roof. Secondly, these don’t cost you much and thirdly these are available in various sizes, patterns, and shapes for your house. These are also suitable for all kinds of houses and that is why they are considered as the best roofing material across the globe.

  • Clay and concrete tiles

Do you have a the Mediterranean or Spanish-styled home? The clay or concrete tiles would look best as your roof. Yes, we agree that these tiles can be really expensive, but they are very long-lasting, combustible and even an eco-friendly choice for your home.

  • Metal roofing

Metal roofs are also some of the most commonly used materials for various houses. These are highly preferable because firstly, they are best for extreme weather conditions. Secondly, they are pretty light in weight, not very expensive and definitely an eco-friendly choice. What’s more – you even get them in varied materials like steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, etc.

  • Slate roofs

The roof made of slate is again very impressive for your roof. The best perk of this material is that you can have it colored in different shades as per the exterior décor of your house. The experts in roof painting in Auckland from RMC Painting LTD help you gain this wonderful look better. Their years of experience in this field talk about their good work and perfect results. Again, this is a very expensive material that requires extra framing as it’s very heavy but is highly durable and fire-resistant. So, you can relax for decades after installing it once.

Well, these are the most suitable materials for your roof. Pick any one of these and add life to your home. 


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