Top 4 ways to waterproof your kitchen


The kitchen is the most important yet vulnerable place in your entire home. Your safety starts from here with the food you cook and intake and that is the reason you have to be very particular about the cleanliness and hygiene in your kitchen. But often we have seen the kitchen being attacked mostly by pests, mould, and mildew that grow in this section of your house. The reason can be leftover food items and moisture. Well, the remedy remains subjective to your cleanliness methods, but waterproofing this section of your house can be done very conveniently.

The best ways to waterproof your kitchen

Moisture can be the biggest enemy of any section of your house. Whether it is in your roof or the basement or the walls of the house – once water finds its way, you can be sure that the entire decor and the foundation is under threat. Similarly, even in your kitchen if moisture prevails for long, this gives way to water leakages and slowly and steadily the entire décor of the kitchen gets ruined. Not just this, there can be the growth of germs and pests in your kitchen which brings in a lot of health hazards as well. That is why you have to ensure that your kitchen is safe from water damage.

  • Waterproofing the countertops

Often water finds its way in your kitchen through the countertops. If there is a hole at the corners of this section, moisture easily penetrates inside this section causing a lot of mould formation and sandy smell in your kitchen. The best way to treat it is to create a coat of sanding and then cover it with primer followed by paint to cover the cracks in the wood or linoleum. You can seal it perfectly then by applying a polyurethane coat over it.

  • Checking and replacing your pipes

Sometimes, the water damage in your kitchen happens due to leakages in your pipe. If you are checking and replacing them regularly, you will automatically block any chances of water damages in your kitchen.

  • Waterproofing ‘under the sink’ cabinets

The cabinets under your sink are the storehouse of mould and infestation. And this happens due to the water leakages in your sink. The only way to protect your kitchen from this damage is by using polyurethane to cover the area properly.

  • Waterproofing the floors

Even protecting the floor of your kitchen is essential in order to keep this place protected from water damage. You can call the experts in waterproofing in Auckland from Damn Good Tiling LTD to cover this section for you. They provide you with different waterproofing options for your floor and carry out the task really well that lets you enjoy this protection for a good many years.

There is also the option of waterproofing your walls, behind your backsplash, and under your cabinets and worktops. If all these areas are covered perfectly, you won’t find any issues in your kitchen due to water damage. Now your kitchen would stay safe, clean, and hygienic because of this accurate waterproofing job done right. 


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