Top Styling And Flamboyant Lounge Decor Ideas 2021!


The festive season is back! Your regular meet-ups and gatherings shall be in full swing once again. Especially, after last year, when you hardly had any festive meetings (thanks to Covid19!), this year you are going to be back with a bang. (Of course, with all the safety and security required.) So, are you ready with a fantastic lounge area to welcome your guests? Naturally, you need a vast space to entertain them at home. And you even intend to chill while discussing what you did during the lockdown period!

Trending lounge décor ideas to try at your place!

Home renovations before the festive seasons are normal. If you are going through one, you must design your lounge in the trendiest way. This not only makes your house look beautiful but also enhances your lifestyle a lot. Imagine getting all those praises from your friends when they view the beauty of your lounge room! (Yes, we meant that!) So, if you want some dazzling, trendy ideas to decorate your lounge area this year, then we have some listed below:

  • The extolled neutrals — Neutral shades are specifically glorified recently. You will see designers going crazy about the various shades like dull grey, creamy beach, lustrous brown, and so on. Depending upon your taste and style, you can choose the warm or cool shades of neutrals to beautify your lounge. With neutral, you get an exclusive chance to add as many textures and colors to your room as you like. For instance, how about choosing grey (an elite neutral shade) as the paint for your walls and adding some off-white textures over it? You can keep your sofa of the same shade or even stark white — and play with different art pieces for the wall décor and accessories. 
  • Modern but minimalist —Modern and minimalist concepts go together wonderfully. Fine lines of furniture in solid shades look appealing. You can pick some super pieces and adorn the lounge with the least but impressive furniture and accessories. For example, coat the walls and ceilings in the same shade of pale green, soft cream, or chocolate brown. Then keep practical-looking velvet settees with a glass center table and stunning abstract art to make the place look captivating.
  • The ideal blue hues — Blue is cool, calm, and looks simply elegant. You can have your lounge room look and feel all plush and classy with its help. Just get the stunning solid, navy blue for the walls, and let the furniture contrast it with pale wood. You have all the options in the world to decorate this place with your choice of accessories. Even matching the furnishings with this regal shade brings charm and distinction. 
  • Floral impressions — Florals are giving us major home décor goals. Whether you have these on your walls, as your tiles, or in the furnishings or decorative items, they look captivating without a doubt. You can even try getting the floral carvings on your ceilings and borders of the walls through Plastering. A talented plasterer in Folkestone from DH White Plastering does this job exceptionally well for you. From the accurate techniques to the latest equipment and even the knowledge, they have everything. This means a total guarantee for their work.
  • Rustic wonder — Rustic decorations are stunning to try. Especially if you have a large lounge area, it makes the space look totally out of the world. How about using the basic grey plaster layer or bricks on the walls and some industrial light fixtures for the ceilings? Even metallic furniture with some antique decorative pieces can enhance the beauty of this room.

All these ideas are superb and suitable for a 21st-century house. To complete the look, install appropriate lights and even floor rugs or carpets. Oh, and while your plasterer is still there, get some artistic carving on the foyer – that way, even the entryway to your lounge would set the mood right.


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