Trendy wall decoration idea

wall sticker
wall sticker

When I met it, I immediately became addicted to this amazing decoration.
After the renovation of our house, our living room did not look too cozy. The wall was very empty. We tried to make it exciting with pictures, but somehow didn’t fit into the style of the house.
After a long search, I found the wall sticker. This decoration is readily available, you can even order it online while sitting at home in front of your computer.
After ordering it arrived soon, it was already in my hand 2 days. When I took it out of the packaging, I was desperate how I could put the wall sticker on.
The solution arrived quickly, as the packaging also included instructions, which should be read, as incorrect installation can damage the sticker or even the surface of the wall.

What it sticks to and what it doesn’t

  • The sticker does not sticks properly to dusty, calcareous, juicy. on rough even loose wall surfaces. Cannot be used on freshly painted wall surfaces.
    In this case, it is worth waiting at least 2 weeks for the application.
  • In case of uneven, wavy wall surfaces, it is advisable to heat the applied sticker with a hair dryer after application, so that the sticker easily touches the surface.
  • Before installation, the wall surface must be cleaned of dust and grease. You may want to use a clean fabric for this.
  • The sticker should not be applied in the frost, as the reflector will not adhere to the surface in the cold or even lose its adhesion.
  • If possible, apply the sticker at room temperature, as at this temperature the adhesive will adhere completely to the surface in 1-2 days.
  • The sticker can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, just be careful not to damage the paint.
  • It is a good idea to ask a friend or family member for help loading the larger stickers.

Installation accessories:

  • Pure textile
  • Plastic card
  • Pencil, tape measure, spirit level, masking tape, eraser

Parts of the sticker:

  • The lowest layer is the substrate, this is required for production and transport. This is what the sticker sticks to
  • The middle layer is the sticker itself. It is solid in color, tinted in its material, UV resistant, so you can even put it in a bright place. He is not worried about the sun’s rays
  • The top layer is the application film. It is a transparent film. It helps to decide the exact location of the sticker.

How can I place it?

After the little tutorial, I went to put the sticker on the wall.

  1.  Since the wall had been painted for at least a month, there was no need to wait for it to dry,
    so I first cleaned the wall surface from dust and dirt with a dry textil.
  2.  I placed the wall sticker on the wall, with the translucent layer facing up. I put it in place with a little masking tape. It was the part next to our couch, the sticker just fit, as I asked for a custom size.I marked the corners of the sticker with a pencil so I could put it back in its exact place later.
  3. I took the sticker off the ground as it is a smooth surface and then I thoroughly smoothed the surface of the sticker with a cloth.This is necessary for the sticker to adhere properly to the surface of the substrate so that air bubbles and damage to the sticker can be avoided.
  4. Since that this is a larger, long sticker I simply put it back in place, glued its corners. After that, I paste the sticker all 3 layers with several long strips in the middle. Now the installation was getting complicated. I peeled off the backing layer on one side, then the sticker came out with the adhesive side. I cut off the free layer, then, starting with the masking tape, I smooth the wall sticker in place. The smaller parts need to be taken care of to always stay on the applicator foil, this is the hardest part. Once everything is in place, the same should be done on the other side, and we can even remove the masking tape from the wall. You can get in soon, but at this point the helping hand will come in handy.
  5. Smooth the sticker on the wall once more, it is worth waiting, then comes the removal of the applicator foil. The sticker does not stick well to the surface of the wall yet, so this operation also requires a lot of attention. It’s not worth rushing with it, you don’t want to ruin the stack in the end. You can also cut the applicator foil, the point is to carefully remove it from the wall surface. If by accident one of the parts has not yet adhered to the surface of the wall, roll it back to the surface with the foil and smooth it over the surface with a strong motion. The film can then be stifled to remove it.
  6. Once the foil has been removed from the wall, smooth the wall sticker over the surface of the wall, especially the smaller, thinner parts. No problem, if it does not stick, in 2 days at room temperature it completely sets the glue.

It was the same with me. In a few days, I was able to clean the sticker with a damp cloth, finally pooming in the full light of the living room.
The installation was not difficult, it seemed complicated to me at first, but by the end I got into it 🙂


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