Try Out These Simple DIY Techniques To Clean Blocked Drains


When it comes to cleaning blocked drains, it can be a nightmare for every homeowner. As the toilet is an important part of every house, cleaning it on a timely basis is of utmost importance.

As a DIY technique to clean the blocked drains at your place, you can pour hot water mixed with vinegar or baking soda to remove the grease and oils from your drainage lines, but you cannot remove the solid objects from your drains. Apart from that, tree roots can penetrate your underneath drainage lines and block your drains. You need to call a professional plumber to deal with such an issue.

If it is related to a minor issue, then you can use a plunger to clean your drains. Make sure, you must wear a mask and gloves while you clean your blocked drains because harmful chemicals can damage your skin. Here, you can find some common signs of blocked drains:

1. There are some chemical cleaners available in hardware stores and you can easily clean your blocked drains with these cleaners. These cleaners are suitable for small clogs, and you can remove such clogs with these chemicals. But you cannot clean or remove solid objects from your drains. For example, your toilet can get blocked due to a solid object like toilet papers or napkins, and these foreign objects can accumulate some waste inside your drains. In this case, you need to call a plumber to clean your drains.

2. You can use a plunger to clean your drains. You need to use a plunger in a proper way and you should not push your plunger toward the end of the drainpipe, and you must try to plug out the deposited waste from your drains with a plunger. Sometimes it will create more hassles because you are not trained, and you can damage your pipes by using a plunger. So, hiring a professional plumber to use such advanced tools can save your time and cost.

3. To clean your blocked drains, you need to buy some tools which are expensive. You can use them occasionally and you do not need to use such tools every day. So, investing a hefty amount on these tools can cost you more. You do not need to buy such tools and cleaning products if you hire a plumber. Plumbing services will bring their own tools to clean your drains and you can easily clean your drains at a fixed charge.

4. You can use your DIY tools to clean your drains, but you will find the same problems after a few days. To prevent such issues, you must hire a plumber. Facing the blocked drains problems every week can be frustrating and it will create huge stress. To stay peace of mind, you can rely on professional plumbing services.

5. You must call a plumber when you face smaller issues in your drainage lines. For example, if a foul smell comes out from your drains, then you cannot stay in an unhygienic atmosphere, and you must call a plumber to inspect your drains to find out the exact issue.

Choosing Plumbers for Cleaning Blocked Drains

There are many plumbing services available online, but only a few of them can provide such blocked drain cleaning services. So, you must check their specializations before you hire. Along with that, you must check their license, insurance, reviews, and experience level before you hire.

You can search for such plumbing services online and ask for a quote from three to four local services. Compare their prices and choose an affordable one.


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