Turn Your Decor Game Around With Laminates That Speak Your Style


Laminates are a type of finishing and surfacing material that you can use on wooden furniture, MDF, wall panels, particle boards. Laminates are made using artificial materials where resins and thin layers of paper are pressed together to create thin sheets of laminates. Further, the upper layer is printed with various colors and patterns.

Due to this layering, the resultant laminate has better stability, appearance, strength, and sound insulation. There are a lot of laminate manufacturers in the market CenturyLaminates offers you one of the best laminates in India. The laminate options are available in a wide range of colors, designs, textures, and types. You can use these laminates for kitchen cabinets, countertops, wardrobes, wall panels, furniture, etc…

Why CenturyLaminates

CenturyLaminates are India’s best decorative laminates that are strong and resistant to abrasions and scratches. They have high color fastness and the best bonding properties available in the market. From glossy interiors to specialty laminates, there are laminates for everyone, and the reason why CenturyLaminates are preferred is:

  • Antibacterial and antiviral properties: CenturyLaminates have antibacterial and antiviral properties, which means that they are manufactured using the ViroKill technology. They protect your space and you from any harmful microbes, including fungi, viruses, and bacteria. These are hygienic laminates that keep your interior safe and clean.
  • BWR property: CenturyLaminates are boiling water resistant. Thus they are both resistant to water and moisture at the same time. This also means that they won’t warp or swell and are one of the best options for your kitchen and bathroom.
  • Borer and termite resistant: All CenturyLaminates are borer and termite resistant. This is because of the special adhesives used while making these laminates that also increase the durability, safety, and hygiene of the laminates.


  • CenturyLaminates come with a 7-year warranty. Moreover, they last longer if maintained properly.
  • These laminates are carpenter friendly and don’t give them a tough time. They are easy to cut and durable.
  • CenturyLaminates have high color fastness, which means that they don’t bleed or fade over time. They don’t change color or lighten in the shade and maintain the same color for a long time.
  • CenturyLaminates offer you a wide range of laminate options that come in all types of thicknesses, colors, textures, designs, and sizes.
  • All laminates have proper back sanding and uniform thickness, which makes them look sophisticated and perfect.
  • All laminates come with the ViroKill technology and thus help you ensure the hygiene and safety of your space. This way, you can use these laminates in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • These laminates are scuff-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and stain-resistant, which makes them a good pick for your laminate kitchen cabinets, dining table.

Types of CenturyLaminates

There are many types of CenturyLaminates available. Following is the list of some popular  Laminates that CenturyLaminates is famous for:

   1. Lookbook 1mm: These laminates are 1mm thick and are available in the latest design trends. CenturyLaminates offers a wide range of Lookbook 1 mm laminates with a variety of designs, patterns, and colors.

The various laminate types available under Lookbook 1 mm laminates are Lucida, texture, solids, specialty laminates, woodgrains, designer collections, combinations, veneers, HD laminates, and silk tuff. Some features of these laminates are:

  • Carpenter-friendly: These laminates are easy to install and don’t give carpenter’s a headache due to their compact structure and lightweight.
  • Warranty: They have a warranty of 7 years and are strong and durable. They can last a long time under proper care.
  • Back Sanding: These laminates have proper back sanding, which gives them a smooth and clear finish.

   2. Lucida: These high-class 1mm laminates are a good choice for kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and countertops. They are stylish with a mirror-like finish and are scuff-resistant, stain-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. These premium laminates are durable and study and are available in a wide range.

They are also impact-resistant and mars-resistant. Some features of Lucida laminates are:

  • ViroKill Technology: They keep your space hygienic and safe and protect you by keeping away all the harmful microbes, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This is the reason why you can use these laminates in your kitchen, dining room, and countertops.
  • Heat resistant: These laminates don’t get damaged by heat and can withstand a temperature of up to 180 degrees Celsius, and are good for kitchens and restaurants.
  • Scuff resistant: This quality protects your laminates from any damage, especially during installations or cleaning.
  • Abrasion resistant: Since these laminates are glossy, they must be resistant to abrasion so that they don’t lose their gloss over time. These laminates have a 90% rate of gloss retention despite regular scrubbing.

   3. Silk tuff laminates: These laminates have high resistance to scratch and abrasion. This is because special resins are used to provide extra strength to these laminates. These exotic decorative laminates have high color fastness and bonding properties as compared to other laminates.

There are three ranges of silk tuff laminates. The first type is silk tuff solid which is the matt finished laminate that provides you with the right shade for your room. The second type is silk tuff stone, which has special designs that are inspired by the various types of stones available in nature and add a touch of elegance to your furniture. And the third type is silk tiff woodgrains which have wooden designs on the laminate.

They also come with the ViroKill technology to ensure the hygiene and safety of you and your furniture. Apart from this, they are also moisture-resistant, and heat-resistant. Some features of these laminates are:

  • Colorfastness: They are available in any shade you want, and you can choose your desired color based on your choice and creativity without worrying about any color bleeding or fading.
  • Carpenter-friendly: These laminates are designed in such a way that it is easy to install them, and the installation can be performed seamlessly and perfectly.
  • Uniform thickness: All these laminates have a smooth surface and a uniform thickness so that they can have the perfect finish. The structural soundness is durable and long-lasting.

   4. Starline 0.8mm: These abrasion-free and high bonding laminates are strong with a uniform finish. These laminates are approved by the ISO and have an ISI mark. Some features of these laminates are:

  • Uniform thickness: These laminates have a uniform surface and are gapless. Due to this, they are smooth and have long-lasting durability.
  • Colorfastness: These laminates don’t bleed or lose their color over time. These long-lasting designer laminates still look the same over the years, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them soon.
  • Abrasion resistant: These laminates don’t lose their shine over time. You can wipe them clean and scrub off the stains, but they don’t easily lose their shine and gloss.


Laminates are one of the best decorating options for your interior. They are safe, strong, hygienic, stain-resistant, heat-resistant, and so much more. You can also use laminates at almost all places in your home. From laminate kitchen cabinets to bathroom countertops and office desks, you can use laminates for any of your needs.


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