Types of Sample Pouch Bags

Sample pouches

The white Mylar Mini Pouch is perfect for creating a product sample. Its size and shape allow it to hold up to 2-4ml of product, or half a tsp. These sample pouches are easily labeled with any type of pen. You can easily add your logo or label information.

Sterile Sample Bags

Sterile sample pouches are designed to collect samples of solid materials. They are leakproof and can withstand high pressure. Sample bags have trusted by professionals for more than 60 years. Made in the USA, they are FDA-compliant and feature puncture-proof tabs for fast sampling.

These sample bags are perfect for transporting and storing solids, liquids, and semisolids. They are also excellent for environmental and carcass sampling and quality assurance procedures. They are also ideal for use in clinical and veterinary medicine.

Mylar Mini Pouch

Mylar Mini Pouch Samples are the perfect solution to store small amounts of freeze-dried or dehydrated foods. These small, sample-size mylar bags are 3.125″ x 5″ and feature a gold foil side and a clear plastic window on the other. They’re a great way to test a new product and give customers a taste of it without the risk of spilling it!

These small-size mylar pouches are made of 4 mils thick material. They are designed to protect foods from moisture, oxidation, and light exposure, and are easy to reuse. The bags can also sealed using a standard vacuum sealer.

Whirl-Pak(r) Stand-Up Sample Bag

A Whirl-Pak(r) Sample Bag is a sterile bag that is ideal for water, soil, and surface samples. Its patented PUNCTURE-PROOF TABS prevent sharp points from getting into the sample. The pouches use less space than a conventional beaker or bottle and have a write-on strip for sample identification.

It measures 38 x 15 cm and has a 4 mil thickness. It is a convenient and easy way to collect water samples. The stand-up pouch is durable and unbreakable. It also contains 10 mg of sodium thiosulfate, which neutralizes chlorine in samples.

PathoPouch 95 Flexible Secondary Range

The PathoPouch 95 flexible secondary range is a leak-proof, flexible pressure container. This range is suitable for holding a variety of primary containers and is designed to meet all regulatory requirements for secondary packaging. It is designed to meet the highest standards for safety and reliability and is available in a variety of sizes.

Heavy-Duty Bags

Heavy-Duty Bags are used for transportation of heavy objects. They are highly efficient packaging material that provides excellent protection against damage. There are several types of heavy-duty bags that can use for transportation. Some of the types of heavy-duty bags are discussed below: Heavy-Duty Plastic Bags, Heavy-Duty Paper Bags, Heavy-Duty Polythene Bags, and Heavy-Duty Polythene Sacks.

Heavy-Duty Contractor Trash Bags: These bags can handle up to seven bushels of trash and are an ideal choice for hauling sharp materials and trash around construction sites. These trash bags are easily dispensed, come in rolls, and are reusable.

RACK’N’LAB Sample Bags

RACK’N’LAB sample pouches are a safe and convenient way to transport samples from one place to another. They are made from FDA-certified virgin polypropylene and are autoclavable. And they come in two sizes, one for smaller samples and one for larger samples. They feature detectable blue pen labels.


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