Ultimate Guide For Bathroom Renovation For Your Home

bathroom renovation
Bathroom Renovation

Are you ready to invest your money and time for your bathroom renovation? Redoing any room of the house will involve time and money and even research. If you want your bathroom to look great then you must make a list of all the things you want to change in the bathroom.

You can begin by taking pictures and then making notes of what are the changes for bathroom renovation:


Begin with asking some questions to yourself about how frequently do you use the bathroom, is it used by guests? Are you happy with storage and space? When you ask questions like these it will give you clarity about the aspects that you want to change in your bathroom. In fact, you must ask yourself that what do you not like about your bathroom? This will pave the way for bathroom renovation simply.


The first and foremost thing to consider while doing the bathroom renovation is the space. If you have a large bathroom you can think about adding a shower chamber, curtains and other accessories. But if there is a space constraint then you will have to ask your interior designer to use the space intelligently and creatively. Instead of enjoying a nice big jacuzzi tub, you have to make way for a simple shower if there is space constraint.


Most of us ignore the doors while bathroom renovation. One of the best ways to add glamour and freshness to the bathroom is by changing the doors. You could paint the main door and get the door knobs polished. If you are okay, you can save some space by using curtains instead of a door as well.


The bathroom looks great because of accessories like mirrors, shower toilet seats and others. Ensure you have a modern rain shower along with fancy curtains that fit in your bathroom if it is large. But if space is a constraint, then you should settle for a simple shower or hand shower so that there is minimal water spillage.


Most of us fail to consider storage while bathroom renovation. The bathroom should be designed in such a way that there is space for a small cabinet or glass shelves where you can keep your daily supplies like toothpaste, shampoo and others. In such a situation, you can make some use of the floating shelves. Floating shelves look nice and have great functional value. Ensure you make the best use of the space.


Do not ignore the flooring while bathroom renovation. Use tiles that are easy to clean and maintain. If you love in a very cold place then you should opt for heated floors as it will help you warm your feet quickly. These floors are easy to clean and maintain as well.


If you are hiring the designing services who will design the bathroom renovation then you should make sure that the drawing of the refreshed bathroom is given and all the details about accessories, flooring, lighting and others are categorically mentioned along with timelines and cost. You should check if the designer is using the space optimally and whether there is any wastage.

Bright and well-light

The bathroom should be painted in light or pastel shades so that it looks bigger and brighter. Ensure the lighting is properly done so that it does not look dark and sad. Most of us take a shower to destress and we do not want to feel sad and dark after entering the bathroom.

Bathroom renovation is a time-consuming task and you should make sure all the requirements are spelt out and put on paper so that you do not miss out on anything.


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