Ultimate Moving Checklist for Household Relocation

Ultimate Moving Checklist for Household Relocation

Moving needs a lot of planning. Won’t you agree with it? Shifting to a new place is a task of great responsibility and that could make you miss a few things here and there. For this reason, the packing and moving experts suggest starting with the preparations early. But how will you know what you are done with and what you missed? It is all possible to keep in account by managing a checklist.

As the moving date nears, the anxiety levels shot up. For a stress-free move, it becomes important to have a list of everything. You can put all the work that you need to do on the calendar or in a diary. Both will help and as you keep checking the checklist you have a good idea as to what all work will be left to complete before the packers and movers arrive on the scene. Checklists are a great thing that helps manage and strategize the whole household shifting, without any hitch.

This can ease things for you and pave a smooth path for you to get the shifting done safely. You will also be able to prepare yourself physically and mentally. To avoid being trapped in the whirlwind, having a checklist ready is a good thing. If you are worried as to how to prepare a checklist, then here you will find tips to get things sorted. What to add to the checklist, how to prepare one, how to execute it, and many more. Prepare a great checklist by following certain steps and you will find them all here.

Checklist for Household Shifting in India

It always pays well to be organized from the start. This can save you from serious heartaches when you forget even the tiniest of things. The checklist is the best way to handle the move in a strategic way without skipping any step or any point. Having a checklist by your side can help you sort the shifting and relax while starting a new phase of life. Here, are a few tips that can help you prepare a good checklist for the move. Have a look at them.

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  • Organize your thoughts and segregate them into 2 main categories: items are wanted or unwanted. Wanted items should be left aside whereas, unwanted ones can be separated from others that can be sold or donated later. This will help in clearing the inventory and decreasing the packing items. As soon as the inventory is fixed, other things get cleared immediately.

Note: To sell the unwanted items for second-hand rates, you can use different sites such as Etashee, Etsy, OLX, etc. You can Google it to get good rates.

  • The packers and movers need special consideration. For selecting the right kind of moving companies, you will need some time to sort things out. You need someone to properly conduct packaging and moving. For hiring a professional company, one must review the company properly. Take time to go through the google ratings and reviews instead of randomly selecting any company for the purpose of packing and moving.

Note: This point needs the best research so, try and choose any 3 of them for comparing the estimates.

  • Take some time to learn some DIYs to effectively pack things up. For specific items, you can get different types of packing. Instead of making blunders check some of the DIYs. This will help you save quite a great deal by following these methods.
  • If you have decided on the packers and movers Delhi to Kerala, then it is time to set the budget and the moving costs. Allocate the budget properly to get an accurate idea about the expense that will build during the move. It is crucial that you set the budget first thing after deciding on the moving company. You will be surprised how easily everything will start to fit in the place.

Note: it is best to do transparent deals by meeting the moving company representative face-to-face. This way you will get good discounts and that will bring down the expenses considerably. And while you are setting the budget, make it in two phases: pre-move and post-move expenses.

  • Don does not forget to add packing of essentials in the checklist. This, you may do at least a week before the move but it is important to mention it in the checklist. When you are packing things up, make sure you set aside those items that you will need for 2-3 days in the new location just after the move. This will include casual clothes, towels, toiletries, undergarments, etc. You can put all those confidential papers and jewelry in this bag so that, you don’t miss them or replace them during the move. They can be lost easily if not taken proper care of.
  • Bring all the documents in one place and pack them up separately as soon as you get some time. Get a folder and put all the crucial documents such as quotations, estimates, transfer certificates, lease papers, medical reports, etc. You cannot lose them at any cost so add this point to your checklist as well.
  • Take out time to meet the moving company that helps in moving your things to another location. You need to keep them in the loop and get the estimates face-to-face. Don’t ever accept the rates over the phone or verbally. Get a written estimate after the survey.
  • Don’t hurry but set the moving dates after thinking about it deeply. Your moving date decides the cost of packing and moving. You must keep a few dates as default as things can be delayed by a few days depending on unforeseen circumstances.
  • It is important that you don’t overbuy things before the move. As the shift gets finalized one must ensure that they plan the transportation of dry edible items as well as the frozen materials well.

The gadgets and appliances need to be packed and sorted in a timely way. This will help in keeping things organized and you won’t have to worry about leakage issues.


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