Usage of Toilet Tank Tablets – Everything You Need to Know!


Are you used to flushing blue water? Many households use blue toilet tabs because they are advertised as automatic toilet cleaners. Did you know that the use of these drop-in toilet tank cleansers is discouraged by both plumbers and toilet manufacturers?

Do safe toilet tank pills exist? You might be wondering. Unfortunately, the majority of commercial toilet tank pills are dangerous for your toilet (or your health). Most of them include bleach, which can corrode metal fasteners and damage the rubber and plastic parts of the tank. It could eventually result in toilet leaks. 

Natural toilet cleaners can help in managing cleanliness and hygiene. 

How Do Toilet Tank Tablets Work?

Drop-in tablets for toilet tanks are advertised as an easy way to handle the unpleasant task of cleaning toilets. However, do these toilet tank tablets, also known as automatic toilet cleaners, truly maintain your toilet’s cleanliness and eliminate bad odours? To some extent yes! But if you live in an area with hard water, the bleach in these tabs mixes with the minerals in hard water and results in stains that are very hard or in long run impossible to remove.

Are toilet blue tabs safe to use? 

Majority of toilet tablets that are intended to clean your toilet with each flush contain bleach and various other harsh chemical cleansers. When you place a tablet in the toilet tank, the harsh chemicals remain for a long time before dissolving in the toilet tank. The operating parts of the tank are continuously exposed to these chemicals throughout this period. These tabs were popular as a very affordable, time-saving cleaner and were embraced by pretty much everyone who despises cleaning toilets. But that has changed!

After observing worn-out components and dysfunctional toilets long before their warranty period, toilet makers and plumbers are warning users about this product.  In fact, toilet manufacturers clearly mention that the warranty does not cover any damages due to the use of toilet tabs. 

The toilet bowl cleaner that uses no harsh chemicals is a better alternative. But even such a solution releases acids that can overtime wear out your toilet parts. 

Natural Ways to Keep your Toilet Fresh and Safe

When it comes to maintaining a clean and spotless toilet, there are two things to consider: 

One is to remove dirt. Second is to remove hard-water and rust stains. The former is easy and you can even use Dawn dish detergent or soap to tackle it. Latter is more tricky. If you use the wrong chemical, you actually make the matter worse! It sets instead of being released.

How to remove hard water rings and rust stains from the toilet?

There are natural cleaners you can use to keep your toilet tank and bowl clean and free of unpleasant odours and bacteria. One that you probably already have is white distilled vinegar.

Vinegar is an organic acidic cleaning agent that helps to deodorise, cleanse, and remove mineral buildup and hard water stains. Most vinegar bottles contain about 5% acetic acid, which gives this liquid its cleaning abilities. The simplest approach to maintaining your toilet spotless is routine toilet bowl cleaning with the help of DIY natural toilet tank tablets or powders made of white distilled vinegar

DIY Natural Toilet Cleaning Powder

  • A gentle alkali and scratchless abrasive baking soda help eliminate filth buildup from your toilet bowl without causing any damage.
  • An organic acid with antibacterial qualities dissolves rust and stubborn mineral deposits.

FAQs about Natural Toilet Cleaners

What will occur if baking soda is put in the toilet tank?

If done rightly, your toilet will get cleaned! Baking Soda is a mildly abrasive alkali formed from mineral salts. Any filth and grime may be removed gently using baking soda.  Use a moist sponge and some baking soda to scrub the interior of your toilet bowl or toilet tank once it has been drained. Let it sit for a while [if possible overnight]. Water-rinse, then flush. 

What happens if you pour vinegar into your toilet tank?

Again, if done rightly, and not excessively, the rust stains in your toilet tank will be resolved and removed! Without draining out the water, pour white vinegar into the tank, stopping at least an inch below the top rim. Let the vinegar-water solution sit overnight to dissolve mineral deposits, rust, and mildew. Flush the toilet a couple of times to remove the vinegar from the tank. It gently purifies and eliminates offensive odours. Do not overdo the process or even this mild acid can cause lasting damages.  Also be prepared to have a bathroom that smells like vinegar [It’s healthier than the bleach smell ;)].

How can a toilet pill that is stuck in the toilet be removed?

Here’s how to clear a clogged toilet caused by accidentally flushing a toilet cleaning pill down the drain; Pour one gallon of hot or boiling water into the toilet bowl and plunge it thoroughly to dissolve the Clorox. Repeat if necessary.

Wrapping Up

The toilet tank tablets as well as the wall-mounted toilet cleaner act as automatic toilet cleaners, cleaning and refreshing the internal parts of the toilet off dirt with every flush but they do not resolve hard water stains.  And overtime, the harsh chemicals in the toilet pills damage the internal parts of your toilet. 

You can use natural cleaning solutions such as white vinegar to properly clean, remove odour, and get rid of hard water stains. It is not an automatic and quick fix and your bathroom will smell like vinegar. But it is a healthy and environmentally friendly option.

Looking for an alternative way to keep your toilets cleaner longer?

Whether you just hate to reach down the toilet to clean that bowl with bleaches, can’t use automatic cleaners because your pet may accidentally drink from the toilet water, your kid is scared of the blue water, or you simply care about the environment and health of your toilet,  you may be desperate for a solution that keeps rust stains away from your toilet.

Pulitamin Magic Eco Balls is the right solution for you and it works with both in-wall toilet tanks and traditional tanks. When in contact with water, the eco balls turn hard water into soft water – without releasing any chemicals. As a result, it keeps your toilet free from the hard water stains, keeps toilet parts free from mineral deposits and resulting damages, and pipes clean from clog caused by hard water mineral deposits. 

Each sachet is easy to install, safe for your toilet parts and septic tank, and lasts for upto 6 months.

Plumbers recommend Pulitamin Magic Eco Balls as a necessary bathroom accessory for any one living in a hard water area.  

Visit Pulitamin’s official website to learn more and use code ByeHardWater to get a 10% discount. 


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