Viton O-Rings: Everything You Must Need To Know About This

Viton O-Rings Everything You Must Need To Know About This

Aman Mehra | Viton rubber is one of the most durable fluor elastomers in the world, mainly when temperature fluctuations and chemical interactions occur often. The combination of its high performance and long-term dependability makes it an outstanding option for a wide range of specialized tasks and projects.

You may ask yourself many questions, including, “What is Viton, and how can it benefit my business?” To know more, keep reading.

What Exactly Is Viton?

Fluorinated hydrocarbon rubber is a high-performance product that can survive extreme conditions.

In the same way that Hoover has become associated with vacuum cleaners, Viton has become the generic brand for this material. However, variations within the Viton family may not be appropriate for your use.

Viton O-Rings’ most prevalent use is in o rings and seals, usually found in A grade, a fluorine-rich version. In terms of fluid resistance, Viton B is superior to Viton F, whereas Viton F is best for fuel resistance. High-performance grades are also available, but if you aren’t sure what you need, feel free to contact us for advice.

What’s The Purpose of Viton?

The cost of a Viton o ring is much more than the cost of a nitrile o ring. This is because it fulfills a need that other items do not. Viton is superior to nitrile in terms of operating temperature range, weather and ozone tolerance, and chemical resistance.

A Viton o ring will endure longer when used in the most demanding applications. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy longer service intervals, lower maintenance expenses, and a better seal. Your investment in a Viton product will pay dividends in operating efficiency because of the reduced risk of o ring failure.

Viton’s Advantages

Viton seals are an excellent solution for any application that has to battle with difficult circumstances. When it comes to examples:

  • From -20°C to 210°C, Viton O rings can tolerate
  • Oils, acids, silicone fluids, and aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as halogenated hydrocarbons, may all be tolerated by Viton
  • Even in the presence of oxidation, UV radiation, weather, ozone, fungus, and mold, Viton can maintain a seal

What uses does Viton have? Viton is often utilized in several areas, including the automotive, appliance, and chemical industries. As well as oil and gas exploration and refining enterprises, we provide Viton products to the aerospace industry.

O-rings and other molded extruded items often employ the synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer brand Viton. When referring to FKM, Viton is a trademark of DuPont and is often referred to as FKM.

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