What Advantages You Can Expect from Rimless Close Coupled Toilet?

rimless close coupled toilet

The rimless close coupled toilet is a trendy design with modern features. The toilet may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about bathroom renovations. However, you would agree that it is among the most used fixture and for a reason important one too. A simple close coupled is among the most common design that we usually found everywhere. Many people believe it is a conventional or traditional toilet that as they have seen it from last few decades. 

Perhaps they don’t realize that, like anything else, there is a lot of innovation in its design and features. That’s why saying that it is just for a classic look in the bathroom might not be true. The reason for its popularity is that it was kind of the first innovation after the high- and low-level toilet. So, with a relatively compact design, better performance, and easier installation, people quickly adopted it. It is till date the most selling style, despite the fact that there are other types like BTW and wall hung toilet available too. Many of these are available with rimless close coupled toilet slim seat that further adds to its benefits.

In this article, we will explain what such can be the reasons to prefer close coupled rimless toilet?

What Is Rimless Close Coupled Toilet?

Before we move onto specifically this toilet, we should what it means by a simple close coupled toilet. Its name is self-explanatory. It comes into existence by the toilet pan closely joins or couples with cistern. So that means it has two parts the link together to make it work. While the addition of rimless simply related to a bowl that has no rims, unlike the earlier one where all of these had it. In other words, it is a kind of close couple design where its bowl has no rims. 

Why You Need Rimless Close Coupled Toilet?

Although a simple close couple toilet was a highly functional and practical toilet with good performance, people realized that these have a problem. It was that the rims in the toilet bowl were difficult to clean. It was because the area of the rim was difficult to reach with a simple brush or any cleaner. As a result, it easily became the breeding spot for bacteria and limescale. The accumulation of dirt becomes visible sometimes. It is not unhygienic and problematic for people. Manufactures on realizing this problem introduced a new design with a different flushing mechanism. So, it resulted in the manufacturing of rimless close coupled toilet.

rimless close coupled toiletAdvantages of Rimless Close Coupled Toilet.

You can expect the following advantages from such a toilet. 

  • The first is an obvious benefit for the purpose for its innovation is that it is very easier to clean. Since there are no hard-to-reach areas, you can simply clean it within seconds without much effort. Unlike the earlier design, there is no risk of limescale, so you can enjoy a hygienic and perfectly clean toilet every time.
  • Another great benefit of such kind of toilet is it is water efficient and environmentally friendly. This characteristic comes also comes from the design. When the pan does have rim which earlier was also the space for flushing the water into it, it was with a dual flushing system that was a direct system to evenly through the water inside from all sides. So, it became more efficient at the use of water.
  • Despite the modern rimless design, the prices of the close-coupled toilets generally remained the same. Such bowls are now available in all types while it is the cheapest of among all.  There is no doubt that it was already the most affordable one, and it remains the same even with such modern innovation. 

Looking For Rimless Close Coupled Toilet

In this article, we have a detailed discussion on rimless close coupled toilet.  Do you think it can be a great addition to your bathroom? If yes, don’t hesitate to visit the Royal Bathrooms UK’s website to check our latest deals and offerings. 


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