What are the Futuristic Trends Currently in Use And Being Evolved in The Features Of Air Conditioning?


Innovative product features and emerging technologies have propelled the air conditioning industry’s growth. It has transformed how new products on the market can improve people’s lives. The industry has seen the development of new technologies to keep people cool and comfortable in the last few years, but what consumers need and want is constantly changing. Manufacturing companies and businesses must accelerate their research and development teams forward in order to continue to innovate and deliver solutions for an ever-changing market.

As we are entering the phase of rapid consumerism and the technologies are constantly changing, evolving, and discontinued, the need and planning for future features become important.

Few futuristic trends that are currently in use and being evolved to be expected in Air Conditioning units for the coming tomorrow are listed out below:

  • Variable-speed air handlers – The blower in older air conditioners are limited to two speeds: on and off. A variable-speed blower can adjust its speed in response to changes in the system, such as clogged filters, to better maintain the environment and level of comfort inside your home.
  • Low-cost circulation – cool days (or, at the very least, cool nights and mornings) are ideal for turning off the air conditioner and enjoying some fresh air. Many new air conditioners include a fan-only mode that circulates outside air through your home without using the compressor. When combined with a high-efficiency variable-speed air handler, this is especially effective.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant: The R-22 refrigerant used in older units is being phased out, driving up prices. You can eliminate future availability concerns by upgrading to a new unit that uses R-32, the potential alternative.
  • Rechannelling of the heat vented into the environment: The heat vented out by the radiators or the outer units of the environment would be rechannelled and reused in the future so that a significant extent of loss of energy could be saved.

Sanyo comes along with the future scope

Panasonic’s online brand Sanyo has consolidated its position into the air conditioner segment in the country with the release of a line of inverter air conditioners. The new Sanyo Inverter AC line includes 5 segments with 3 and 5-star ratings and capacities of 1, 1.5, and 2 tonnes. The collection will be available at Amazon and select retailers.

The Duo Cool Inverter technology equips the ACs with with two rotors in the compressor which increase the efficiency in terms of enerdy and also increase the rate of cooling.

The ECO function has been included to improve performance and reduce energy consumption. The feature provides optimised cooling with low power consumption allowing you cooling at lower energy costs.

Glacier Mode, as well as the Auto Restart function

Sanyo’s air conditioners include settings and features such as Glacier Mode, which the company claims allows for a 35% higher fan speed to deliver instant cooling in much less time. The Auto-Restart feature is designed to automatically save the original settings in order to avoid the hassle of resetting the settings after a power cut. On the display area unit, the self-diagnosis mechanism prompts errors. The remote control design includes glow-in-the-dark temperature control as well as power-on and power-off buttons.

As we can see, on today’s date, Sanyo has been equipped with futuristic technologies, which seem it has a very good scope in the Indian market.

This is an inverter-only split air conditioner range because various market researches have shown that energy efficiency is a key deciding factor when purchasing air conditioners in India. Sanyo Inverter AC is now available at a price that is even lower than that of a standard fixed speed AC. Sanyo Inverter ACs ensure efficient and faster cooling with exceptional power-saving performance thanks to the Duo Cool Inverter technology and Glacier Mode feature. AC meets the consumer’s need for convenience while also saving money.


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