What are the Important Benefits of Different Sizes of Generators?


No doubt that the use of different sizes of generators is getting quite common. In today’s market, businesses often find that they need enough power sources in places where there are no electrical grids. Companies will look to the mobile generation to get power when this happens.

Most of the time, these rental companies won’t carry units with more than 400 kW. Some companies sell more extensive generator sets, but those things bring up a new set of common problems. This is when it helps to be able to connect several smaller generators.

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Parallel generators are the best way to ensure that portable power is always on. If you only have one big generator that breaks down, you won’t have anything else on site to take over the electricity load.

A new generator could take hours or even days to come. Since different sizes of generators are mount over on the skids, the cost of moving them could also be a factor. When you put generators next to each other, you can now have generator redundancy. Most of the time, the size of an electrical load leaves room for some redundancy!

When a generator stops working, the controller in the other generators notices that the load has gone up! It then moves the extra load to the generators that are still working. Because of this, the company will never lose power.

When this generator is set up correctly, it can be easily be switch out without shutting down all the equipment and losing valuable production time.


The setup gives you more freedom when there are several generators instead of one big one. If you had a micro-grid set up somewhere and needed to grow, it would be hard to do so with one big generator.

The company might have to get more money to buy another big generator, even though it only needs a few more KW. With a parallel arrangement, you can add generators one at a time. The generators can be link away together to make a system with more than one Megawatt.

Using parallel generators is helpful if the company needs to reduce size. That company can allow more than one generator without waiting for rental companies or losing more working hours.

Maintenance of Generator

Suppose a business decides to rent one big generator instead of several smaller ones that can work together. In that case, it makes things harder for the generator rental company and the customer. Most of the time, a company representative would have to talk to the rental company to set up a service.

The representative must also ensure the equipment works well after the generator is in fixture and turned back on. This wastes both the time of the company’s employees and time that could be used to make money.

When things are set up in parallel, there can be redundancy. If you want to turn off one generator, the second generator system can pick up the entire load and keep the equipment running.

If you are using just two different sizes of generators, you can eventually use the LTR E.M.P. This will be moving the entire load to the relief generator the technician brought along with them during the service time.

This eliminates the need for staff and the need to stop normal operations for maintenance.

Good value for money

The natural gas generators in LTR’s fleet that work in parallel can run on either wellhead gas or propane gas. Diesel fuel isn’t needed if the machine can run on gas from the wellhead. The customer can save thousands of dollars each month using the gas made at their well sites.

Not only do you save money on fuel, but you also reduce the chance of spills and road damage caused by big fuel trucks. Using to save money on diesel fuel costs When renting a diesel generator set, you don’t get as many features as a natural gas generator.

The natural gas generators have a GPS that can use cellular or satellite communication when cellular service isn’t available. Customers can use this latest technology and check the rental generators from mobile or computer devices.


Parallel natural gas generators are something you should pick right now. You can be sure that even if one of the generators stops working, you won’t waste time or money. Because it is flexible, it can be set up in any way that a place needs.

Maintenance worries are no longer a problem when the machine is easy to use. Also, your business will save money.


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