What are the Most Interesting Facts in Interior Design Psychology?

Interior Design Psychology

Interior designing is a popular domain of interest among students globally. Students attend prestigious interior design schools to create new avenues for in-home and Restaurant Interior Design in UAE. To become a competent interior designer, it is important to learn about interior design psychology and understand the elements that make you stand out from the crowd.

Interesting Interior Design Psychology Facts

Whether you are an aspiring interior designer or looking for tricks while renovating your house, these facts will help you through it immensely. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts in interior design psychology.

Less is More

Almost everyone agrees to the “Less is More” motto nowadays. Yet, if you are still confused, if it is actually true, let us stamp that for you. When designing a house, you will always think of numerous things to add to all rooms. Everything would look beautiful in your living room, from mirrors to beautiful lights and an enchanting sofa set. But, it’s important to keep a balance and not go overboard.

Natural Light is Your Best Friend

If you have not thought about adding a huge window to your bedroom, we recommend you rethink your decision. A source of natural light “brightens up” your day is no way artificial light can. Waking up to sunlight leaves a pleasant impact on your health and allows you to save electricity as well. Choose a set of curtains that lets the sunshine pass through, or go for double curtains with a sheer cloth underneath. Make the best use of the available light with some nice windows. 

Don’t Skip Artificial Light

Now, it often happens that people solely go for a natural light source and do not put enough artificial lights in their rooms. While it is perfect for a sunny day, it might not seem equally pleasant during dark hours. Every room must have enough artificial lights in the room to lit up when needed. You can also add mood lights to your room and adjust the environment according to your mood anytime.

Considering The Space is Critical

As we already talked about less being more, considering the available space is an unwritten rule. While designing a home or looking for Restaurant Interior Design in UAE, you must understand your space and think of ways to utilize it in the best way. If you do not have a lot of space around a particular area, go for articles that do not seem too big and blend with the surrounding.

Mirrors Enlarge Rooms

Adding mirrors to smaller rooms has become a common strategy to enhance the size of the room and make it look bigger. Placing the right kind of mirror at the correct position in your house or restaurant can also improve the lighting in that area. Mirrors reflect light and brighten dark areas without the need for extra lights. Add mirrors to your home and save on artificial lights.

Colors Impact Mood

That is no news, right! But do you know how colors impact mood? Different hues of the same color can also make a huge difference in one’s mood and health.

  • The red color is used as a symbol of aggression and passion. It is also believed to elevate heart rate and is usually avoided in spaces.
  • Yellow is comparatively a subtle color and offers a cheerful vibe – that’s why you see many kids’ rooms painted yellow. However, studies show that constantly looking at yellow color strains eyes.
  • Blue is often used in offices and homes as it depicts calmness and serenity. 

You Should Add What Feels Good

Sometimes it’s good to ditch the traditional interior design facts and go for elements you have always wanted to add to your house. If you miss out on something you have longed for a long time, you will feel the vacuum and not be satisfied with the interior design.


Understanding interior design psychology helps create a calm, beautiful space where you can enjoy your days and nights comfortably. Consider the critical elements and connect to Exotic Interior Studio for a more detailed insight on the features you should add to your home or Restaurant Interior Design in UAE. 



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