What are the Tools Used By Plumbers to Unclog Blocked Drains?

Blocked Drains
Blocked Drains

Clogs in drains are quite a common problem experienced by many homeowners. In plumbing, clogs in drains are an issue that is handled quite often. Special kinds of equipment, such as cameras, can be used by plumbers to have a deeper look into cameras and find out what could be leading to the issue.

Blocked drain

Know about some of the top tools that are used by plumbers for the inspection and unclogging of blocked drains:

  • Pipe Cameras: These can easily allow an internal view of the pipes. Pipe cameras are nothing but video cameras connected to a cable. The cable is manoeuvred all through the drain system. It can help view sections of the pipe that cannot be reached otherwise. This way, plumbers can determine the best tool to use for unclogging a drain.
  • Plunger: This is used often for removing blocked drains and toilets. But these can even be used for removing small blockages in showers and sinks as well. A plumber might use a plunger at first, for unclogging a drain. In case this fails to work, it might suggest that there is a major blockage and some other tool is needed.
  • Cable Cleaning: This one is effective for plumbing jobs of all sizes – whether big or small. Such kinds of tools have a cable with spinning blades at the end, for cutting through blocked drains. These blades can even scrape residues out from pipes with excessive build-up inside. Cable cleaners can be found in varied models, like:
  • Drum cable cleaners: These are one of the most available cable cleaners out there.
  • Continuous cable cleaners:  These have only one cable – ranging between 25 and 100 feet. The machine stores the whole cable, which makes it tougher and heavier to transport. The mess left behind is less as compared to a sectional cable.
  • Sectional cable cleaners: These use multiple cables that may be as long as 15 feet. Often, such types of equipment are preferable due to more safety in usage. The cables are shorter, and if this breaks or kinks, these can be replaced more easily. These are lighter as compared to continuous cable cleaners, and work much faster.
  • Manual Drain Snake: It is similar to a lengthy cable with one of its end looking like a corkscrew. There is a handle attached to the snake cable, which is used for getting the cable cranked through blocked drains. First, the cable end is put in the drain’s opening. The crank is then used for pushing the cable all through the length of the drain. Upon getting to the clog, the cable is manoeuvred until the clog is broken through.
  • Motorized Drain Snake: A motorized drain snake works just like a manual drain snake. These tools for blocked drains cleaning are used often on larger pipes or for removing clogs that are more of a stubborn nature. These can be cordless or wired in type. With the motor, plumbers can get more power for pushing through the accumulated materials in a pipe. There are automatic feeds in these snakes, which can aid in cable movement. Plumbers can press a button to push the cable easily through the pipe. Once the blockage is removed, it can be retracted as easily.
  • Drain Auger: This kind of tool for cleaning blocked drains looks just like the drain snake. However, Drain snakes are used mainly for dealing with smaller drains or clogged sinks. Drain augers, on the other hand, are designed to take care of clogs in bigger pipes – similar to the ones that are used in showers or toilets. However, Drain augers – similar to Drain snakes, can be found in motorized or manual designs.
Blocked drain

The professional plumbers have all the required knowledge, experience and expertise to help you out with your blocked drain plumbing issues. Moreover, they have upgraded and modern types of equipment that help in executing the job more efficiently. So, going for DIY is a good idea, but without the types of equipment they have, it may take longer and lack efficiency.


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