What is a fruit basket ?



A fruit basket gift hamper is a basket of fruits and nuts that can be given as a gift. These fruit baskets are often found in grocery stores for a few dollars. Most people put these baskets in their refrigerators, basements or lobbies to give as gifts. They may also include pastries, chocolates, candies and other small items usually devoured by the recipient and not left behind. Many customers find this type of gift hamper to be suitable for any occasion because it is not too expensive and it has little risk of going uneaten or forgotten about by its recipient.

Types of fruits included in a basket 

There are many inexpensive fruit  hamper companies that deliver fruits and nuts to anyone 

 These companies make the baskets based on the requests of the individual who is ordering them. For example, if a person wants to send a gift basket to a relative with some fruit and nuts and some cookies or candies, this can easily be arranged. 

It is sometimes also possible to have a personalized card in the basket as well.

Some websites provide an option where customers can create their own customized baskets by mixing and matching items they want with those they do not want. This allows customers to be creative when sending these types of gifts because they are not just restricted by the list of products available at each company.

Some of the most common fruit basket gift hampers are those filled with nuts. Although most people did not grow up eating walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, they have become very popular over time. People like to buy these types of baskets as gifts because they are tasty, healthy and also convenient to eat. Some people especially enjoy eating these nuts because they do not contain dairy products or eggs since those are allergens for many people.

Another type of fruit basket gift hamper that is becoming increasingly popular is one that contains fresh fruits. These baskets have become very popular over time because most recipients can use them right away without having to wait for them to ripen like other fruits. In the past people would often send home-baked fruit as gifts, but now fresh fruit baskets are much more common in grocery stores.

Fruit hampers  are often difficult to give as gifts because they must be transported short distances in many cases. If they were delivered to someone’s house or office they could be left uneaten by the recipient or forgotten about entirely. People can have these kinds of baskets delivered to their place of work and then eat them there. This is an especially useful option for employees who work away from home most of the time, but still want to enjoy some of the fruits and nuts that are included with their gift hamper.


The first use of the term “fruit basket” was in an advertisement published in the United States in 1853. Fruit baskets were regularly distributed at Christmas and also at birthday celebrations, weddings and other special events. The popularity of fruit baskets increased throughout the 20th century, with fruit baskets being passed around as gifts in many households. Today, fruit baskets are especially popular during holidays and other celebrations.



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