What is Bannister and Baluster? [Know the difference]

Bannister and Balistrade

When renovating or designing a new home, the aesthetics and safety of the home are very important. Baluster and Bannister provide safety whether it be fast children moving across the house, elderly who need support or just you after a longs day of work. It is both pleasing to the eyes to see a beautiful interior design and delight in the safety it provides.

What is Baluster?

A baluster is a vertical element that offers support and safety between a railing and other wood or the floor; a short and ornate post or pillar that supports a top rail. The name baluster is derived from the Italian word balustrade, which means pomegranate blossom, and was selected because these architectural components often resemble them. Wood, iron, stone, and other materials may be used to make balusters. The terms baluster and spindle are interchangeable.

What is Bannister?

Although it is frequently used to refer to the structure’s railing, the bannister is really a word for a staircase baluster.

How can Baluster improve your Interior Design?

In contemporary or even classic structures, framed or frameless glass balustrades are one of the greatest aesthetic alternatives for enhancing ambient light and creating a more expansive sense.

Glass balustrades may also be used outside, in addition to within. They’re ideal for balconies, patios, and pool areas, among other places. You may pick a frame material for your handrail, or you can choose for a frameless balustrade, in which case heavier glass will be utilized.


Baluster can in all forms including wood, metal, wrought iron, fiber glass as well as hard wood.

How can Bannister  improve your home?

Stair railings are used for more than just safety. Stairs with this safety element also have a visual presence and may be turned into works of art. A brightly colored stair runner protects the wood while also adding individuality. You can check out beautiful bannister rails and designs that suit your personality here.



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