What is included in AC repair?


The AC repair and service package includes diagnostics of the compressor and the general condition of the climate system, maintenance and cleaning of filters, radiators of indoor and outdoor units, search and elimination of freon leaks, and refilling the air conditioner with freon, cleaning or repair of the drainage system.

There are cases when it is necessary to eliminate the consequences of poor-quality installation, which affect the operation of the split system. Such installation will ruin the compressor and lead to the inevitable repair of the split system. Freon leakage and breakdown of expensive equipment in the first year is most often the “merit” of low-skilled workers. AC Repair Dubai knows exactly know how to repair ACs perfectly.

AC and home maintenance services Dubai.

When carrying out service work, the specialists of the AC repair services center provide the following services for the maintenance of air conditioners:

  • complete diagnostics of the compressor and the general condition of the air conditioner – this is necessary in order to understand the state of the most important part of the split system, on which its successful operation depends, and also to determine what work the split system requires in the first place, and for what turn has not yet come;
  • maintenance of air conditioners, that is, a complete cleaning of the air conditioner, checking the condition of electrical connections, refrigerant pressure, compressor performance, etc .;
  • cleaning filters, as well as cleaning the radiators of the indoor and outdoor units from inevitable pollution;
  • elimination of freon leaks – if a freon leak is not eliminated in time, this can lead to a breakdown of the compressor, the replacement of which will be very expensive;
  • refueling with freon – it is always necessary to maintain the proper level of freon;
  • cleaning/repair of the drainage system – some of the dust sometimes still seeps through the filters and settles on the drainage pan, and from there it enters the drainage pipeline, forms lumps and gradually clogs it; timely cleaning will help to avoid breakage of the drainage system; but if a breakdown nevertheless happened, the specialists will quickly and competently eliminate it;

Filling air conditioners with freon.

Perhaps the most difficult maintenance operation for air conditioners is recharging air conditioners with freon. This process has its own subtleties, therefore, it must be carried out with special care, and caution and must prevent air from entering the air conditioning system when refueling. An error when refueling or refueling with freon will cost the replacement of the air conditioning compressor.

Service maintenance is necessary to eliminate the negative effects of the environment on the air conditioner and to prevent the occurrence of malfunctions that affect its operation. For individuals and organizations, we offer to conclude a long-term or one-time contract for the maintenance of air conditioners, which will protect your equipment from failure at the most crucial moment due to a banal oversight.

When an air conditioner repair is inevitable, there are a few important things to consider:

  • The cost of repairs and all overhead costs associated with the restoration of the split system.
  • Lifetime. Perhaps the necessary spare parts are no longer produced and the repair of the air conditioner will be greatly delayed. And the installed new spare parts will give a new voltage to the old units, which can lead to the failure of the functioning, but obsolete equipment.
  • Spare parts prices. Especially if a very old climate system is being repaired, the cost of parts can exceed the cost of a new air conditioner assembly.


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