What is QuickBooks Payroll Support Software?

QuickBooks Payroll Support

QuickBooks is known for its excellent management of accounting and bookkeeping for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides so many programs to its users. One such program is QuickBooks Payroll. It allows the users to pay employees, manage employee benefits, file payroll taxes, and many more. Therefore it is used by many users worldwide. Thus, with this blog, we will put some light on the benefits of the QuickBooks Payroll support program. 

What is QuickBooks Payroll Support?

Generally, QuickBooks Payroll is a service program to streamline accounting activities. It also assists in the payroll processing of the company employees. The payroll program includes calculating the company employees’ earnings and deductions. It also helps with federal and state payroll taxes. Payroll refers company’s employee’s financial records or distribution of employee paychecks. 

Who Needs the QuickBooks Payroll?

Anyone with a running organization employing a workforce requires the software. Moreover, it works as QuickBooks error support for payroll users. It is specially designed to keep financial data records for filing company taxes. A QB payroll software has everything you need in payroll processing.

What are the Benefits of QuickBooks Payroll Support?

Basically, QuickBooks Payroll is designed to facilitate all your payroll activities. It also provides are benefits, the following are:

1. Process Payroll

Generally, there is a lot of time and hard work done when the payday comes. However, Payroll keeps all the information about payday and reminds you when it’s time. The procedure is simple, you just need to click via a series of screens. If your company is not into job costing, then you just have to provide the number of working hours. However, QB Payroll can help you with job costs as well.

2. Prepare Payroll Taxes

Generally, creating payroll taxes is a difficult task. It includes everything that can include correct calculations, tight deadlines, local and state taxes, tax filing to the IRS, and many more. Moreover, to solve these situations, the QuickBooks error support program i.e, QuickBooks Payroll presents three levels of payroll tax support.

In the Basic version, you will obtain guidance from Intuit. But you will have to create your tax documents by yourself.

In the Enhanced version, federal and state forms are automatically created.

The Full service involves automated tax calculation, filing, and payment.

3. Organize Employee Information

There is huge work of paperwork which new joiners fill. QuickBooks Payroll supports you in gathering all the information needed for your company and taxing authorities.  

4. Track Company Benefits

The company provides several benefits to their employees like health insurance and sick leaves. Thus, it results in job satisfaction for their current employees. How attractive these benefits may sound. But managing and tracking them is a difficult task.

QuickBooks Payroll consists of a simple wizard that helps you to manage and track the company benefits. You can specify all of them – add a bonus amount, process timely payment or withhold pay (is required).

Some of the benefits also incudes contribution towards:

  • Paid leaves
  • Retirement
  • Health insurance


That’s all. With this blog, we present you with the benefits of QuickBooks Payroll support software. Payroll provides many features as we mentioned in the above information. Anyone who wants to manage their payroll activities can go for the QB Payroll program. 

If you want to know more, you can contact our Payroll QuickBooks error support team. Our experts are available round the clock. We are glad to hear from you. 


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