What is Rubber Flooring? A Detailed Look at Rubber Material


With regards to Rubber flooring material, there are various significant parts included. However, all rubber items require various components, a ton of flooring is made predominately of virgin or regular rubber. Some rubber flooring items contain urethane. It is significant here that urethane is one of the 14-part titles that scientists use to arrange rubber. So it’s anything but an unfamiliar item, it is a kind of rubber. It’s by all accounts not the only part blended in with regular or manufactured rubber to make rubber flooring however it is an extremely famous one so we’ll differentiate items without it from those that contain it.


Since, at Greatmats, we bargain in the two types of items, we tend to not become involved with which rubber flooring item is better compared to the next. Having sold rubber flooring starting around 1999, we’ve seen firsthand that there are explicit advantages to each kind. Understanding the distinctions between these two items will assist you with figuring out which flooring item is best for your application.

Sort of Rubber Flooring Materials

  • The rubber flooring items can be made either utilizing manufactured, plastic, or reused materials. In light of which, there are:
  • Engineered Rubber Floors
  • Plastic or Regular Rubber Flooring
  • Reused Rubber Flooring

1. Manufactured Rubber Floors

These are very solid rubber floors contrasted with different types. This is made from styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) [By-result of petroleum]. Its sturdiness is 20 to 30 years when as tiles.

Utilization of Engineered Rubber Floors: Washrooms, bistros, medical clinics, exercise centers, and kitchen.

2. Plastic or Normal Rubber Floors

This is more affordable contrasted with manufactured rubber floors. It truly does give sensitivity issues to certain clients. Regular rubber is an inexhaustible rubber material, yet is more powerless to scrapes and tears contrasted with engineered material.

3. Reused Rubber Floors

This is a practical decision with outstanding strength and high effect opposition. It is less expensive contrasted with other rubber floor materials (SBR) as the production cost is less.

Advantages of Rubber Flooring

The primary advantages of rubber flooring are:

  • Straightforward support
  • High toughness
  • High flexibility
  • Give Protection
  • Forestall underfloor warming
  • Speedy and simple installation
  • Expulsion is simple
  • Can be reused
  • Accessible in various styles and varieties
  • Impeccably fits any space
  • Weighty traffic and wear opposition
  • Can be cleaned without any problem

Normally, individuals will more often than not feel that regular, or virgin, rubber is an unrivaled item. It doesn’t contain reused materials and will in general cost more than rubber made with a urethane blend. These rubber flooring items will generally be milder and more flexible which makes for a more open standing surface. It likewise has a superior flexible memory so it will in general hold its shape better. It is hence that a great many people consider regular rubber better than rubber made with urethane.

Be that as it may, what urethane rubber needs are delicate quality and malleability it compensates for in durability. Urethane-produced rubber floors are more scratch-safe than normal rubber ones. Urethane (or polyurethane), when blended in with rubber, makes a harder item. This flooring will in general be more affordable because it frequently contains reused rubber (frequently made straightforwardly from reused tires) so it is likewise harmless to the ecosystem. The nature of the rubber compound in rubber flooring, or other rubber items, depends on the rubber and urethane as well as the additional parts that are added. There are a few places that will mix it up various things with the general mish-mash. A few nations even add utilized engine oil since it is a simple method for discarding it. This is never a worry with Greatmats items. All our urethane rubber tiles and rolls are made in the US and are held to the best expectations in urethane flooring.

One of the most well-known protests concerning urethane over normal rubber is the rubber smell that goes with those items. Be that as it may, this is a misguided judgment. The sort of rubber utilized in the assembling system isn’t the reason for the rubber scent. The reason is the folio utilized in the vulcanization cycle. Vulcanization is a cycle that gives rubber its flexibility and ”quickly returns” capacity. Rubber in its regular state is weak and substantially less impervious to the intensity and cold. Generally speaking where the rubber smells serious areas of strength for is, the restricting specialist utilized in the process was typically sulfur-based. At Greatmats, we have flooring that has been fabricated with sulfur-based specialists and flooring that has not. You really should comprehend which items have that smell and which don’t. Assuming that your rubber flooring is for a steady or very much ventilated stockroom, you might observe that the more affordable, higher scent, flooring is the best approach. If you’re placing it in a room or storm cellar practice room, you will most likely be better off going with a lower-smell choice. Converse with your client support delegate to figure out which type is best for your application.

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