What is the Beauty of London?

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Planning on booking a flight from USA to London or from your home country? But have many questions to ask that are associated with the city? Well, it’s very common as the beauty of London can overwhelm anybody, and thus people always end up asking the reason behind its beauty? If you are suffering from a similar question, then this article will provide you with the required answer.

London is a beautiful and vibrant city whose beauty most often makes tourists stay more than the planned duration. The British capital, London, is the city of royalty and is charismatic in its own unique way. Leaving traveling folks astonished with its multidimensional beauty, every part f this delightful destination is gorgeous in a unique way. Most of the tourist attractions are completely different from one another and have no similarities in between except for one, that they all are sinfully gorgeous.

The British capital is designed very thoughtfully and every different part of it contains a unique aesthetic. London is among a few destinations in the world where the empty cemented roads are also found mesmerizing by the travelers and they love taking long walks upon them. A treasure of beauty London is studded with gems like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Soho, London’s Eye, and King’s Cross Railway Station that not only provides more beauty to the city but makes it a traveler’s paradise.

No matter what a traveler is interested in he will be offered the same by London, as this delightful city has something in store for everybody. If you share a love for compact antique stores and cute coffee houses then a visit to Soho would be perfect for you. For Harry Potter fans, the King’s Cross Railway station platform number 9 4/5 is always there to kick start their magical journey.

If you are looking for inspiration, the graffiti walls at Shoreditch would be a perfect spot to find one. For old-school vintage car lovers, Balham would be nothing less than a paradise. Get your perfect Instagram feed photographs clicked in front of the Wisteria Season or just take a walk upon the world-renowned Baker Street where the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and his best friend James Watson used to reside.

The reason behind London’s beauty lies in its picture-perfect places and the scenery that they provide. For understanding it, you must visit some of the most beautiful places in London and enjoy the experiences yourself as it will take you closer to answer to what is the beauty of London?

Let’s know some of the most beautiful destinations in London

London’s eye

Providing the best scenic views of the city, London’s eye allows travelers to witness London’s beauty from the highest point. London’s eye is a giant Ferris wheel that is standing proudly near the banks of the River Thames and is decorated with seasonal color lights.

Hop on a cubicle all alone or share one with others to witness the true beauty of London and find the answer to what is London’s beauty.

Queen’s House

A queen’s palace where you are allowed to enter inside is beautiful inside out. This place is much prettier than Buckingham Palace and is enveloped with gorgeous, luscious gardens.

The architectural design of this building is designed in a view that nothing can block the favorite river view of her majesty, queen of England.

Big Ben

One of the most popular tourist attractions of London, Big Ben, witness tens of thousands of travelers folks every year. The name of the tower, Big Ben, is based upon the giant bell on the top of the tower.

A lesser-known fact about big Ben is that the name of the tower got changed in 2012 to Elizabeth Tower to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Saint James Park

A pearl studded in the already gorgeous London, Saint James Park is a perfect spot for a Sunday picnic or a weekend afternoon walk. Enveloped with luscious green, the park provides optimum opportunities to relax and rejuvenate while staying in the lap of nature.

A perfect spot to relax while taking breaks from your London exploration tours at Saint James Park is nothing less the sinfully gorgeous. Book a flight from London to USA to relax and spend time while experiencing the beauty of London.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral

A mus-stop place in London, Saint Paul’s Cathedral is beautiful inside-out. A striking place when watched when a spectator eyes, Saint Paul’s Cathedral is a subtle clash of gilt and opulence.

Leighton House Museum

Tucked inside the Holland Park, Leighton House Museum is the former residence of Sir Frederick Leighton. Spend hours adoring the decent interiors and get inspired by the beauty of the place while getting closer to the answer to the reason behind the beauty of London.


One of the most colorful areas of London, Shoreditch, is the home to the best graffiti arts in London. Situated in the east of London, Shoreditch is a lively area to witness the colorful and playful side of London.

If you are looking for some art inspiration, then you are more likely to find it here rather than the big art museums.

Hampstead Homes

Always wanted to visit a typical English village? Well, then Hampseed Homes is the perfect visit for you. One of the most beautiful places in London, Hampstead Home, is the perfect place to listen to some melodious folk music and relax and rejuvenate at the majestic public park.

If you love countryside feels or want to enjoy life at a slower pace than your regular one, then a visit to Hampstead Homes would be perfect for you.


Visit Balham to relieve the old-school sceneries once and for all. The houses in Balham are pretty and have a very old-school architectural design. In front of these magnificent homes, you will find vintage cars standing in line while showing off their beauty.


Similar to New York’s Soho, London’s Soho also has compact old antique shops and cute little coffee houses. A perfect place to take a break from traveling and to grab a bite these coffee houses look unreal and straight out of Disney movies.

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