What Is The Function Of The Infant Incubator


I believe that for most people, the Infant incubator  is an unfamiliar term. Infant  incubators are mainly for babies who are not easy to survive. For example, premature babies are much weaker than normal babies. This is why Infant  incubators are needed. Of course, seriously ill babies also need Infant   incubators to survive. So what is the function of the Infant  incubator?

What is the function of the Infant  incubator

First of all, premature babies need to enter the incubator. Children who are born at less than 37 weeks of gestation are called premature babies, because their gestational age is small and cannot normally adapt to the external environment. Staying in an incubator is the best option to avoid greater damage. Secondly, babies with serious illnesses at birth should live in an incubator. On the one hand, the incubator can provide a sterile environment, and on the other hand, it is conducive to the observation of the child’s condition by medical staff. In addition, there are low birth weight infants. The body temperature of low birth weight infants is also very low. At this time, it is also necessary to live in an incubator.

The role of the Infant incubator:

1. Avoid infection

Because babies are not born at term, premature babies have a particularly low resistance. To prevent the baby from getting sick, put the baby in the incubator, so that the baby can avoid contact with the outside world. And the air in the incubator is free of bacteria and dust, which also has a great effect on protecting the newborn.

2. Keep warm

Most premature babies are more afraid of the cold. If you leave your baby outside, it will be difficult for your baby to adapt to the outside environment. If the baby is in the incubator, you can adjust the temperature of the incubator according to the baby’s situation. If the baby is afraid of cold, you can increase the temperature of the incubator, and if the baby is hot, lower the temperature of the incubator slightly. In addition, the incubator is not completely closed, and the incubator has several air outlets, so don’t worry too much.

Putting the baby in the incubator can also protect the baby from falling. Premature babies have to live in the incubator for a period of time, and they can meet their mothers after a while.

how to feed a newborn baby

Newborns need to be breastfed promptly after birth to prevent hypoglycemia due to insufficient breastfeeding. Low blood sugar can cause significant brain damage. Babies need to be breastfed promptly for the first 24 hours after birth. Babies can be fed breast milk or formula. Breastfeeding is recommended. Because breast milk is rich in nutrients, it can effectively improve the metabolism and resistance of infants. However, if the amount of breast milk is insufficient, milk powder should be used instead. Therefore, it is recommended to eat a reasonable diet and maintain adequate milk. If you choose milk powder instead of breast milk, the brand should be fixed and not replaced at will to prevent the impact of different milk powder ingredients on the baby’s digestive system.

And many mothers are born with little or no milk, making formula a necessity. After selecting the type of milk powder, do not change the brand of milk powder easily. This is because different brands of milk powder have different formula ingredients. For a newborn baby, the delicate digestive system cannot afford the discomfort caused by the easy replacement of milk powder. Therefore, it is best to choose in place at one time and feed the baby according to stages.



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