What Makes Hotel Towels So Absorbent?

What Makes Hotel Towels So Absorbent?

How To Take Care Of Towels: Tips From The Hotel Business

Look, the truth is that the better you take care of one’s towels, the longer you will stay in good shape. Even though it might seem like a big secret, most hotels use the same kind of detergent that you do to wash their towels, sheets, and other linens. It is important to use regular detergent from the store because pH is a big part of keeping towel performance at its best. If you buy detergent at the grocery store to wash your underwear and socks, it has a neutral pH. T & A textiles hotel towels are currently providing the best quality of towels for hotel business. Their premium quality is that they are absorbent and of good fabric.

Time To Dry And Absorption Rate

The ability of a towel to absorb water depends on several things, such as the material, how it is made, the number of cycles, etc. Absorbency is a highly crucial quality metric, but it’s not the only one that matters. If drying time is more important to you, you might not want to buy the thickest towels on the shelf. A great towel provides more than just soaking up water. Its small fibre loops also help brush liquid away from your body, which is the main thing that helps you dry off quickly. Even though absorbency is essential, it shouldn’t be the only thing you think about when you buy something. The number of cycles per inch is a useful indicator of if a towel will do what you want it to do.

1.    Keep The Colour:

If colour is important to you, sort your towels by colour before putting them in the washer. Use about the same amount of detergent suggested on the package if you want your clothes to stay their best color. Just pour one glass of white vinegar into the washing machine’s drum. Not only will it keep the colour in place and stop it from running, but the vinegar will also get rid of every bit of soap residue left over from the last wash.

2.    Baking Soda:

Another tip from the kitchen is to use bicarbonate of soda to get rid of any extra dirt or buildup. This will keep your towels fluffy for a long time. You will need to add about 1/4 cup of detergent on top of the recommended amount. Baking soda also helps get rid of that awful musty towel smell that comes from having left a towel tucked up in a bag and thrown in a pile for a long time.

3.    Wash Often:

Wash your towels every few times you use them. This might be evident to someone who works in a hotel, but home users should take note: towels soak up a lot more than liquid. Soap scum and dead skin cells build up quickly. Use color-safe bleach as well as warm water to wash colored towels. Hot water, as well as regular bleach, will suffice for white towels. Even though it’s obvious, you should wash your white towels separately from your colored towels so that the dyes don’t get on the white towels.

4.    Separately Wash Towels:

Bath towels should be washed separately from your clothes. Consider it. Towels make a lot of lint, need to be cleaned on a long, hot cycle (which clothes don’t), and can sometimes hide mold, mildew, and other unpleasant things.

5.    Don’t Use Added Softeners.

Don’t use softeners on your clothes. Sure, they promise the silkiest towels in the city, but over time they build up a waxy layer that makes towels much less absorbent.

6.    Shake ‘Em Out:

Give your towels a good wipe when you take them out of the rinsing machine to keep them fluffy and lint-free. This extra step makes sure that the towels’ loops stay fluffed, which keeps them absorbent even after the laundry and dry cycle. Putting a tennis ball in the drying chamber with your towels is another way to make them fluffier.

7.    Complete Dryness:

When you take your towels out of the dryer, make sure they are completely dry, one hundred percent dry. Even a small amount of moisture can lead to mould growth in a short amount of time, giving off that awful smell that everyone hates. On the other hand, don’t let your towels dry too much because the heat will damage the fibers over time.

8.    Store In A Neat Way:

To store towels like a pro, fold them into thirds to make the most of the space. Place the towels on the rack with the ends facing forward. Some little tricks will enable you to grab each towel at the moment when you need to.


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