Which electricity contract to choose?

Electrical Services in Dubai
Electrical Services in Dubai

The electricity contract contains all the elements relating to your energy supply. But do you know how to choose an electricity contract? With around thirty suppliers present on the market, it is not always easy to know which offer corresponds to your needs. Discover a comparison of 2022 Electrical Services in Dubai contracts to choose your electricity contract with complete peace of mind.

Why compare electricity contracts?

In order to obtain Electrical Services in Dubai for your home, it is necessary to choose an electricity contract with an energy supplier. However, each contract has its own characteristics. You can choose between green electricity offers, classic contracts, dual offers, etc. You can also subscribe to additional services such as remote management of your consumption.

This is the reason why we advise you to remain attentive to the various electricity subscriptions available. This reflex will allow you to obtain the best electricity contract.

How to choose the right electricity contract?

Since the opening of the energy market to competition, you no longer have to be at EDF. You have the option of choosing an electricity contract with an alternative electricity supplier.

To choose an electricity contract, we advise you to draw up a list of your wishes and your needs. To do this, you will have to answer several personal questions: is your priority to save money? Or do you want to get involved in renewable energies in order to do something for the planet? Do you want to support a local supplier, or secure the services of an energy market leader like TotalEnergies or EDF?

All these personal criteria will allow you to choose the electricity contract that best meets your expectations. In any case, prices, options, and types of offers vary from one provider to another, hence the need to compare them.

How to know the electricity consumption in France in real time in 2021?

In addition, you should know that there is a way to know the electricity consumption in France in real-time: éCO2mix. This platform offered by RTE allows you to have access allows you to follow the data of the electricity system in France and to know the electricity consumption in your region or your metropolis.

In addition, Electrical Services in Dubai also gives you access to information on electricity production in France, always in real-time, both for the nuclear sector and for renewable energies (wind, solar, hydraulic, etc.). Finally, you will also find advice to effectively reduce the electricity consumption of your home with simple gestures.

The different types of average electricity consumption

Over the year 2020, RTE speaks of a drop in “electricity consumption corrected for the weather effect”. It is, therefore, necessary to differentiate between the different types of electricity consumption:

Gross electricity consumption: this is total consumption, i.e. that of consumers but also all that is lost during transport, transformation, supply, and variations due to the weather;
Correct electricity consumption: differences due to weather conditions and the number of days per year are taken into account for a more detaile analysis.

Final electricity consumption: this is the quantity of electricity actually consume by the different types of consumers.

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