Why are home inspections necessary for both buyers and sellers?


Given the current context and the Covid 19 pandemic, economies around the world reeled from the impact including the housing sector. The same goes for the housing market, which is why you may want to check out this article. While the housing market is yet to completely recover., there are reports of buyers snagging beautiful, antique homes at a nifty discount. The catch, these homes had all been inspected ahead by an independent home inspector and the property evaluated. A home inspection certificate can enable you to land a buyer right away. Similarly, a buyer would be advised to vet the property with an independent home inspection. 

If you are planning to snag a buyer for your residence, then you need to go in for a home inspection in Broward. Even a simple review of the housing market makes it clear to all that a home inspection is mandatory these days, to both sellers and buyers alike. 

  • Pre-closing negotiations: if you are a buyer, then you need to hire a home inspector to assess the property, review its features and list them out in the form of a detailed report. Home inspectors can provide you with important information regarding the property you are planning to purchase. Typically, they charge anywhere from $300 onwards but it depends more on the property and current conditions. What’s more, you can utilize the report for your pre-closing negotiations and try to negotiate a fair deal.
  • Home inspection Vs. appraisal: You need to remember that a home inspection is not an appraisal. Typically a seller hires one to appraise his property, and evaluate it, to affix a fair market value.  As a buyer, you need to hire an inspector to do a thorough home inspection of the said property and ensure that it is completely safe to reside in. A home inspector will thoroughly vet the property, ensuring that the property is both safe and sound. A home inspection can help highlight various issues, from sagging rafters to illegal home constructions, a basement that needs to be waterproofed, etc. 
  • Hiring the services of a home inspector: Here’s how you go about hiring an inspector to carry out a home inspection. You can consult a real estate agent and ask around to help locate one. More importantly, you can consult the ‘find a home inspector’ tool set up by both the American society as well as the international society of certified home inspectors and use these to help you locate a certified and vetted home inspector, in your locality. And when hiring the inspector, check the Better Business Bureau and other similar sites to see if there have been complaints raised, regarding the inspector and his work.
  • What to ask before hiring an inspector: You need to determine if the person you plan to hire knows what he is doing. Just check out these questions as they should help you select the right person for the home inspection. You can ask the inspector to explain the process of a home inspection, how soon you can schedule a home inspection and when you can expect a report from the inspector. You may also want to help determine if the inspector will deliver the report in person or email it to you and whether the inspector has the required expertise to carry out the inspection. A detailed home inspection can help pinpoint issues such as mold, dust, sagging roof, plumbing, electrical wiring, waterproofing, etc.


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