Why Blinds Are Better Than Curtains

Hands woman opening blinds window in living room to get sunlight

Having the right window treatments can make a difference in the overall aesthetic of a room and the amount of lighting and heat allowed inside. Sometimes blinds are the obvious choice over curtains because they don’t block heat and light as much as many types of curtains. You might also learn that you really love how they look, too.


One of the top reasons why blinds are better than curtains for many rooms is that you can tilt the slats, which lets you control how much light comes into the room and the level of privacy. With curtains, you have to either have them completely open, which means that anyone walking by can see inside and all of the sunlight is pouring inside the room, or completely closed, which means that the room doesn’t receive any sunlight. Even if you have curtains with thicker material, they still get in the way of light and heat being let into a room. With blinds, there are still openings for the light and heat to be let inside.


Many blind materials are more durable than curtains, especially under certain conditions. For instance, one of the downsides of curtains is that they can become moldy or moth-eaten with enough time and lack of care, especially in rooms that have a tendency to be a little damp, dark, or underused. While curtains are made of cloth that is prone to these types of problems, blinds are made of materials like wood, plastic, and metal, and you can see how each material will perform before you get a window blind installation in your home.

Ease of Cleaning

You’ll also like that cleaning is simple with blinds because they’re made of hard, non-porous materials like sealed wood, plastic, and metal. All you have to do for cleaning most of the time is take a damp rag to wipe the dust off. You can use a gentle cleanser if you notice that there are splashes of juice or other liquids on your blinds. With curtains, you have to take them off the rods, and you often have to send them to the dry cleaners if the material isn’t meant to be washed in a home washing machine.

Resistance to Discoloration

Because blinds are made with materials that are synthetic, they’re usually more resistant to discoloration from the sun and pollutants, which means that they hold their looks for longer. Curtains, on the other hand, can fade fairly quickly, especially if they’re a darker color or are exposed to intense lighting conditions on a regular basis.

When you’re looking for a window covering, don’t discount the benefits of blinds. You might decide that blinds are even better than curtains depending on how much control you want of the light allowed inside a room, or how much you have to replace your curtains versus how much you have to replace your blinds. Overall, blinds definitely come out on top when it comes to things like versatility, durability, and ease of cleaning. The ability to control the amount of light allowed in while not having to worry about your blinds being moth-eaten after any period of time is definitely worth considering.


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