Why Designing a Wine Closet is a Better Idea for Your Modern Home in Houston?

wine cellar design

Being an oenophile means you will have the innate urge of storing wine bottles from different times, regions and types in your collection. You not only enjoy wine but also love to store so that they can attain their right age for the best taste and aroma. You also feel proud of yourself while showcasing your collection to your guests.

Now, if you are living in a modern home, it is obvious that you will not have the space for creating a dedicated wine cellar. Most of the modern houses in Houston don’t have a basement for the wine cellar. Or in your home, you might not be able to dedicate a part of your living to a spectacular wine cellar. And that is why investing in a wine closet can be an excellent idea. Why? Take a look at the following points to know.

Doesn’t Require a Dedicated Space

When you are coming up with a wine cellar design, you have to look for a dedicated space that will house your wine cellar. On one hand, the cellar should be in a place that is away from sunlight and vibration. On the other, it should be prominent enough to showcase. But when it comes to a modern house or a condo, you hardly have such a space. You don’t have a basement. And you don’t have a huge living that can spare of a part of it for the cellar. But a closet is always there in a house. You are just transforming it into your wine storage.

Bigger than Wine Cabinets

You might not have a huge collection that will need a wine cellar to hold. But you might not have a small collection either that will fit into your wine cabinet. For such a moderate size of a wine collection, a wine closet is a great idea. It is not too big and not too small either. It is just a perfect size that can fit in modern living easily.

The flexibility of the Design

When you are planning your wine closet, the biggest advantage is that you can plan it at any place in your home. It can be your extra closet space that you can use for storing wine. Or you can transform a part like an area under the staircase into a wine closet. Being small in size, a wine closet can fit at any place. Even in a recent film on OTT platform Passinflix, Professor Gabriel Emerson had his wine closet tucked in his big study room in his condo in Toronto. So, as you can see, the flexibility with a wine closet is amazing.

Easily to Customize

Now, even if you are not designing a wine cellar but a wine closet, you still have to make it look perfect while focusing on the optimum temperature and humidity of the place for storing wine for aging. For that, you can hire an agency that creates the best wine cellars in Houston including both residential and commercial wine cellars. They will be able to get the right type of wine racks for you. For a wine closet, getting wall-mounted wine racks will be perfect. They will also create a closet with the right type of door and cooling unit. And none of these will be challenging at all. In fact, having a closet means that the agency doesn’t have to design it from scratch.

Naturally Away from Sunlight and Vibration

Generally, a closet is most of the time situated inside a room of the house. This ensures that the wine remains naturally away from the sunlight and vibration coming from the foot traffic of the house or the vehicle movement on the nearby road. So, location-wise, it is an excellent choice.

Adds a Personal Feeling

When you are designing a wine closet in your home, it will give you a personal feeling. While the air of the wine cellar is often showcasing it in all its glory and luxury, having a wine closet will make it feel like it is your personal collection, tucked in an intimate space of your house.

So, now as you know why investing in a wine closet is a great idea, don’t procrastinate. Hire a reputed award-winning agency and share your wine closet ideas with them.


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