Why Has Stucco Cladding Lost Its Popularity In Recent Years?


If you’re a prospective home buyer or a homeowner, then you must know that stucco is one of the most popular & common cladding materials on the market right now. Stucco has a very uniform appearance which helps in covering various architectural elements including exterior and interior walls, thereby providing the home with a classic look that’s only possible by using stucco. 

But, truth to be told, not everything is rosy about stucco. Even though stucco might look relatively straightforward and simple, without the proper tools & training, it’s simply impossible to correctly install the same. And that’s why most stucco constructions are failing prematurely. So, if you’re on the verge of purchasing a home that has stucco cladding, you’ll need to invest in a proper home inspection in Stafford VA service. 

The Reasons For The Failure Of Stucco Cladding

If the installation of stucco is done correctly, it can prove to be long-lasting and durable. Stucco can also withstand extreme weather conditions. So, if you’re planning to live in an area where the impact of external weathering agents is high, then stucco can help in mitigating the same. However, if the installation isn’t done properly, then there can be safety risks for the home residents.

It should be known that the installation process of stucco takes time to learn as well as to install. So, any lack of skilled workers can lead to lackluster installation, which can turn out to be a recipe for disaster. Moreover, some homeowners proceed to cheap out on the materials which can prove to impact negatively on the overall quality of work that is being done. 

Some of the other lesser-known reasons are as follows:

  • Improper Transition Between Stucco & Other Materials

The transition between materials such as concrete or stone and stucco is of great importance because the overall integrity of the construction depends upon the same. But, if the joints separating the two different materials are not properly sealed, then protection against contraction or expansion during the winter or summer season, respectively, will not be provided. Ultimately, water infiltration may start to occur and thereby lead to cracks in the stucco cladding. 

  • Improper Flashing

Stucco cracks and deterioration may take place on the stucco siding if there is improperly installed flashing in-between the roof ends and vertical walls, especially where the gutters are located. A professional home inspector will always first inspect the problem and then report the same in the home inspection improvement checklist. 

  • Improper Seal

If you’re unaware, moisture can easily pass through stucco cladding through electric outlets, dryer vents, light fixtures, and pipes. If these above-mentioned items are not installed corrected with the ideal insulation or seal, then the stucco cladding can start cracking over time and thus fail. 

How Can You Deal With Stucco Damage?

When it comes to dealing with stucco damage, you have two options besides you – either you have to opt for repairs or install new stucco in place of the old one. 

For the first solution, you have to first find the damaged areas and reapply those similar areas with stucco. Repairs such as this are usually done especially when the cracks or deterioration are at their minor stages. The process is highly cost-effective and can help you maintain your stucco-cladded home free of defects for a long time. 

For the second solution, the process is simple – you have to remove the earlier installed stucco cladding and then replace the same with a new installation. Alternatively, you can replace the stucco cladding with vinyl and fiber cement siding as well. So, it all depends on your preferences and what you want from your investment


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