Why is it Essential to Acknowledge Different Types of Buns?

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There are different types of hairstyles! However, it will be very defensive of you if you go wrong with a bun. Here we are not only about the regular twisted bun but elegance and a stylish one. Who can be accessorized well and made at any and every event? You can also alter the style according to the event. It would be best if you enrolled in our makeup and hair academy in Mumbai to acknowledge these unique techniques. 

Below stated are a few sorts of buns that can be made on several occasions and easily be the center of the attraction for the event.

Scarf Bun

Scarf Bun is an exciting and gorgeous-looking fishtail braid style that is an ideal charge of inspiration for low bun hairstyles. Stray hair is a charming detail that makes the braid look like a spine making it effortless and natural. 

High Bun

The high bun is a work of art and a modern method to keep your hair out of your face and look graceful. For an additional, smooth, and enduring style, use hairstyling items. Then, brush your locks to move in an opposite direction from your face, and tie them into a ponytail, protecting the style with a hair tie. Then, whirl the braid until it settles around the hairband, then secure it with bobby pins or u pins. For additional hold and to get your haircut, secure your accomplished style with hairspray.

Low Bun

Low buns are a definitive decision for young ladies after a hairstyle that is versatile in nature. The stylish and smooth hair styling can take you from the gym to a cocktail party with style. A low bun is sufficiently stunning to make yet is similarly shocking as a look straight from the salon. Hence, if you want to take your hairstyle up a notch, try a low braided bun and garnish it. 

Ponytail Bun

Ponytails aren’t only for school young ladies. You can give them a cutting edge and in-vogue bend with ponytail buns. This style is bouncy, pretty, and adorable; you could wear it for a relaxed outing with companions or something more active. You can unquestionably pull off this hair styling whether you have wavy, straight, or curly hair.

Side Bun

The side bun is an extraordinary style for the bridesmaid or any evening occasion so far as that is concerned. You can begin by splashing the dry shampoo, assuming that the hair is oily; next, attach the hair to the side in a free braid. Then, at that point, split your braid into two areas and bend the segments together until you arrive at the base. Take the ponytail which has been wound and wrap it into a bun. Attach the bun with bobby sticks or even u pins, haul a couple of hairs out to make a messy bun, and secure with great hairspray.


Different buns could look simple, yet learning with the right strategy is unquestionably significant. Around here at the BHI Makeup and Hair Academy, the best makeup school in Mumbai, we offer all that helps you become an expert beautician in this field. Making these buns with the proper procedure and utilizing the correct items are educated in our hairstyling institute. You can likewise choose our makeup artist courses in Mumbai to add to your abilities.


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