Why is NABH accreditation vital for a hospital?

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What is NABH?

It is a national accreditation body meant to safeguard that healthcare organizations are providing quality care and high-quality amenities to patients. An accreditation standing through NABH delivers a marketing advantage in the competitive healthcare subdivision by concurrently firming the hospital’s work. It delivers an opportunity for the hospital to yardstick its amenities with the global values and surge patient footsteps and have a part in the growing medical tourism market in India. NABH Accreditation and Certification Program set the uppermost benchmarks of hospital processes at all levels and across purposes as per the internationally accepted norms. The standards provide an outline for quality care of patients and essential developments in hospitals by systemizing the hospital processes and procedures. It assesses all the facets of the hospital with a complete approach before accreditation resulting in incessant improvement and improved productivity.

The assistance of NABH Certification

Healthcare Organization – Accreditation to a healthcare organization arouses incessant improvement. It allows the organization in signifying the promise of quality care. It increases community confidence in the amenities delivered by the health care organization. It delivers an opportunity to the healthcare unit with the assistance of the NABH Consultant to benchmark with the best and benefits from fiscal incentives given under various government systems to such qualified hospitals.

NABH is still required for cashless tie-ups

IRDA standards about NABH or at least Entry Level NABH documentation, as a precondition for cashless tie-ups, still occur. It was suspended for one year, and now that period is about to pass away. With the uprising of COVID-19 in the nation, infection control procedures in the hospitals are under the lens and looking at the current government rules and situation, NABH is going to turn out to be an unavoidable part of the hospital processes. All TPA and PPN insurance companies remark in their MOU, that hospitals have to get NABH documentation within 12 months, from the date of passing the MOU.

People frightened of COVID-19 will choose NABH accredited/certified hospitals, with discernment of better patient safety and contagion control protocols being followed. Many Non-NABH hospitals shadow great patient security and contagion control protocols, but for them, it is hard to elucidate or showcase, in an absence of some palpable form of certification. NABH is the highest quality credential for hospitals in India, and people are conscious of it more than ever.

Enactment of NABH contagion control protocols sincerely helps hospitals

By all means, NABH accreditation values have aided and saved the lives of plentiful healthcare workers across the country including medics, nurses, and paramedical staff who have been fighting in the vanguard during this epidemic.

WHO (World Health Organization) states that “No nation, no healthcare facility, even within the most progressive and sophisticated healthcare systems, can claim to be free of the difficulty related to infections”. The need for evolving a proper contagion control program nationwide and at the hospital level is significant.

NABH authorization Standards for Hospitals has an entire Chapter- Hospital Infection Control (HIC) computing necessities for infection control and deterrence which agree with the national and international guidelines. These values have a clear-cut recommendation about how a hospital must gear itself up concerning handling either hospital-acquired contagions or managing any epidemics and contagions like H1N1 & COVID-19.

The values guide all hospitals to validate an applied, evidence-based method which includes practicing proper hand cleanliness references, having a clean and hygienic setting, correct use of PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment), suitable shadowing and nursing of the contagions as well as suitable pre and post-exposure prophylaxis for the healthcare workers.

Therefore, execution of the NABH HIC values using NABH Consultants in India will reinforce the hospital’s general working which in turn not only provides safe upkeep but also makes a hospital a safer place.


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