Why is Natural Wool a Good Mattress Topper?

natural wool mattress topper

If you sleep 7-8 in a day and lie down on your bed multiple times during the day, you are using your bed for at least 2,500 hours a year. It is not hard to understand that comfortable bedding can help you rest, release stress, and get a good night’s sleep. Using a natural wool mattress topper helps you receive exactly that.

Without a topper, we are directly sleeping on a mattress that is trapping moisture, and odor and sustaining spills and stains. However, with a topper, not only you are adding an extra comfort layer but also ensuring a long mattress life.

Let’s explore the benefits of a natural wool mattress topper.

Why do you Need a Wool Topper?

Do you need a cozy bed where your body can sink in as soon as you lie down, and you are instantly able to relax?

Using a natural wool mattress topper can add that extra comfy layer to your bedding. It works in a series of ways:

  • There’s additional padding on your bedding, saving your mattress from spills, stains, and other wear and tear. This means that your mattress lasts longer, and you only need to change your mattress topper from time to time.
  • Maintaining a natural wool mattress topper is easy. You can carry it, wash it, and sundry it without challenges. This will help you keep your bedding moisture and odor
  • If your mattress is wearing out, you can use a wool mattress topper to increase the life of your mattress and still receive the required comfort.

Benefits of a Natural Wool Mattress Topper

While we understand the reason for using a mattress topper, what are the benefits of a natural wool mattress topper? Why is wool a perfect material for your mattress topper?

Let’s find out:

1.     Comfortable

Firstly, a natural wool mattress topper is more comfortable when compared to other materials. Most people think a wool topper is better than a cotton topper. This is because wool can maintain its shape for longer, which means it won’t sag early.

The given property of a wool topper also helps relieve pressure points and pain, enhancing the quality of sleep.

Other than this, as we have already discussed, using any topper can improve your comfort. You are adding one cushion layer over your mattress, which is expected to offer you proper body support while sleeping.

2.     Temperature Regulating

A natural wool mattress topper is temperature regulating. Contrary to popular belief, wool helps you stay at the right temperature according to the weather.

For example, when it’s summer, your wool topper will keep your body cool and you won’t feel uncomfortable or hot while sleeping on your bed. Similarly, it will keep your body warm in the cold weather to help you relax and sleep better.

3.     Hypoallergenic

Natural wool is hypoallergenic, which means it doesn’t attract mold and mildew or create a favorable environment for allergens. Generally, any mattress collects moisture, which we need to release by sun-drying the bedding or other methods. When the moisture accumulates over time, it gives birth to mold and mildew, which causes allergies. Further, to resolve the issue, many mattresses have chemicals and bleach that cause harm to your health and trigger allergies in people who are extremely sensitive to it.

With a natural wool mattress topper, you don’t need to worry about allergies. The material is naturally resistant to water retention, which means no mold and mildew. There’s no need to add chemicals as well, which is beneficial for people with allergic conditions or health issues like asthma.

4.     Durable

Cleaning a wool topper is simple. You only need to sun-dry it to remove odor and moisture regularly. Additionally, it is possible to remove and wash the wool topper in your machine. This will remove stains and spills, and keep your topper clean, which improves its life.

It is also necessary to understand that wool is more resistant to bumps and sags. The material can retain its shape without challenges.

All these features help you use your natural wool mattress topper for multiple years, which is also cost-effective in the long run.

5.     Sustainable

Natural wool mattress toppers are prepared with sustainable wool acquired from sheep. No chemicals are added to the topper during the manufacturing as well. This indicates that the wool topper is biodegradable and doesn’t end up harming the planet when you decide to discard it.


A natural wool mattress topper is beneficial for your health and quality of sleep. With this topper, you have natural bedding that doesn’t radiate fumes and chemicals at night. The comfort of wool and its hypoallergenic nature further helps you stay away from allergies and body pain when you are sleeping.

Only remember to purchase a certified topper that is prepared naturally without chemicals. Do your research, understand the process used by the manufacturer, and don’t forget to check online reviews.

With thorough research, find the right natural wool mattress topper for your bed, and make a purchase today!


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