Why is Virtual Receptionist Service Important for Small Businesses?

live receptionist service
live receptionist service

Do you run a small business or think of starting one? Well, it is not easy to run a business or build it from scratch. There are a lot of things to consider in a small business. For instance, you need a virtual receptionist for your small business to handle your clients’ calls. 


While solutions are available for every business problem, you can’t opt for any solution. This is because you have a limited budget that you need to use wisely. 


But this is not the case with a live receptionist service. A live call answering service is an affordable option for your business. You can hire a live receptionist to answer all the calls coming to your business. 


Employing a virtual receptionist for your business can cut the cost of hiring in-house employees. You can choose a virtual receptionist service and eliminate the desk-related cost. 


Moreover, keep reading this article to learn more. 

Importance of a Call Answering Service or Virtual Receptionist for Small Business

A live receptionist service is always vital for a small business. Let’s see why? 

As we have already discussed, most small businesses have limited budgets. They have to use their budget on the things that benefit them with zero or no risk involved. 

After all, instead of looking for office-based employees to handle calls, you can hire a live call answering service that is much more affordable than in-house employees. 

Hiring employees requires you to train them and teach them how to handle calls from customers properly and serve them with their needs. For the same, you may need to spend money. But this is not the case with a call answering service. 

A virtual receptionist service provides trained professionals who handle your clients without creating problems. They know how they have to welcome the callers and assist them with their needs. 

A call answering service ensures all the calls are professionally answered while securing potential leads and sales. 

Most importantly, a remote call answering service works from their own setup or a remote location. This means you will save everything you will spend on hiring an office-based employee.

Finally, a call answering service is flexible. This means they can handle your business calls all the time and are available 24/7 to assist your clients with their needs. 

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist Service? 

It is not a secret that small businesses have to face many challenges. If you own a small business, you better know it. You know how things can get crazy sometimes, and you may struggle to accomplish some daily tasks. 

After all, when you are involved in the problems of your business, your customer service may suffer. This is because you will focus on internal things in order to resolve them, and you may pay less attention to how your customers should be handled. And when your customer service is not good, you can lose your reputation. 

For this reason, it is crucial to look for a virtual receptionist service or a call answering service. You can book a call and start serving your customers in the best possible way in no time. 

Below are some benefits of an answering service. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Increased staff productivity

Do you believe that getting frequent telephone calls can be distracting? Cell phones are the need of all and are used at all workplaces. While cell phones help keep in touch with your customers and prospects, they can hamper your staff productivity. Getting too many phone calls can distract other people in the workplace. 

So, what is the solution? The solution is simple. You need to sign up for a virtual receptionist service. After you do this, you will not receive any calls at your workplace, and remote receptionists will handle all the calls. 

In that way, your staff will become more productive. 

  • You can control labor costs.

In a small business, controlling labor costs can benefit you in many ways. One of the ways you can control labor costs is by employing a virtual receptionist service. Let’s see how it happens?

You usually hire an in-house receptionist to take care of your customer service. Hiring a virtual receptionist will replace your in-house staff with quality and affordable customer service. 

  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

As a small business owner, your goal is to achieve maximum ROI. After all, you spend thousands of dollars on marketing your business, and if you are not able to take the sales calls coming into your business because of your promotional efforts, it is a waste of money. 

Hiring a virtual receptionist service means all your sales opportunities will be captured by a professional whether you are available or not. An answering service will bring hundreds of leads that will help you increase your ROI. 

  • You do business while sleeping. 

One of the notable benefits of a live call answering service is that your business is live even if you are sleeping. This means that your business is open 24/7/365. A live receptionist will capture every lead, whether you are sleeping or on vacation. They will attend to all calls from your prospects, meaning you don’t miss any opportunity. 

  • Enhanced reliability and consistency

Reliability matters significantly in your business, especially when your customers reach you online. You need to make them feel that you are a trustworthy entity. And one of the ways to do so is a virtual receptionist service.      

A call answering service guarantees quality customer handling, increasing customers’ reliability toward your business. 

  • Increases value-added activities

Customers don’t only reach you for your product or service, but also they sometimes look for value-added services. This value-added service can be anything from a small thing that stands you apart from your competitor. 

But your in-house staff may not be able to do such things when they are highly engaged in handling calls. 

When you work with a call answering service, they will filter all the incoming calls and forward the necessary calls, helping your staff to provide additional information. 

  • A live receptionist service helps you deal with unexpected things. 

You don’t know about the mishappenings that can happen to your business. For example, you may have to face an unexpected event or an emergency at any time. If you are not ready, you won’t be able to handle the same.

Hiring an answering service helps you when you are unprepared to handle a sudden call surge. A professional can make things easy for you when you are unprepared for unexpected things.

  • Scheduling appointments will be taken care of 

A call answering service will handle your customers’ calls and manage your appointments. After all, managing appointments is not an easy job. If you have someone with poor communication skills, they can leave a poor first impression when connected to clients. 

Here a virtual receptionist takes care of your every appointment and ensures you don’t miss anything. 


This is how a live or virtual receptionist service is essential for your small business. If you have understood the importance of a call answering service and want to hire one for you, call USAnswer or visit our official website. We will cater to your needs with our best service. 


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