Why Should You Choose LED Lights Over Conventional Lights for Your Home?

led tube lights for home

Lighting makes a significant difference in how your house looks and how you feel in a particular space. Many interior designers have started using lights of different shapes and colors to enhance the way a place looks. Light is also said to affect the mood of a person. Due to this, it is often advised to wake up early. While looking for a house, people consider how well lit a house is. Given how important light as an element is in human life, it is very important to choose the right kind of light when designing or redoing your house. While conventional lights have been in use for quite a long now, a great number of people have started replacing them with LED lights.

A lot of people are switching over to LED lights from conventional lights, we are sure it must have occurred to you as to what LED lights exactly are and why people are switching over to them. This article will clear all of your doubts and will help you understand better, assisting you in making the right choice for your beloved home.

What does LED stand for?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

What are LED lights, and are they different from conventional lights? If yes, what makes them a better choice?

There are several differences between LED lights and conventional or incandescent lights, as they are commonly known. We are going to discuss the basic differences between the two types of lights and what makes one a better choice than the other.

  1. LED lights are more efficient than incandescent lights. They use much less energy as compared to a conventional light bulb. This is so because the diode light is much more power-wise as compared to filament light.
  2. LED lights use as much as 75% less energy as compared to incandescent lights. If the power levels are low, it leads to the difference being even higher, and this results in even less power consumption by LED lights.
  3. An LED light lasts much longer than a normal incandescent bulb.
  4. People often get confused between CFL bulbs and LED bulbs. Some people think they are the same, but that is not the case. In a CFL bulb, an electric current is driven through a tube containing argon and a little mercury vapor as well. This generates the invisible UV light that excites the phosphor inside the tube, ultimately emitting light. CFLs consume much less energy than incandescent bulbs as well, but their life span is shorter than LED bulbs.

These are some basic differences between Led lights and commonly used conventional lights. Several reasons make LED tube lights for home the best lighting option. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Energy efficiency- LED lights are very energy efficient as compared to the conventional lights that have been in use for so long.
  2. Economical- Not only are LED lights safer and beneficial for planet Earth, but they are economical for their users as well. Since LED lights consume less energy and last much longer, your electricity bill will be significantly lower, and your bulbs will also last longer, requiring less frequent replacements.
  3. Non-toxic- CFLs and incandescent bulbs contain mercury. An element that is toxic for human health and the environment in general. LED lights do not contain mercury and neither emit as much heat as incandescent bulbs, making them non-toxic and more appropriate for use by humans.

LED lights come in various unique and beautiful shapes these days because the producers have recognized their growing demands. So do not hesitate. LED downlights for homes are creatively designed for home use, increasing their efficiency and complementing the looks of your home. Make a change today and switch to LED lights, making a healthier and more economical choice for your home in particular and the planet in general.


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